Keep It Simple Addiction Recovery

Keep It Simple in Addiction Recovery

One of the saddest things that occurs in the recovery process is when someone finally understands the danger and chaos of a drug or alcohol addiction and makes a decision to get help, but quits the program before completing treatment. One of the reasons for this is a psychological over-complication of the process. Seeing the overwhelming nature of the sobriety mountain in stead of focusing on a single step.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. Someone comes to you talking about their addiction struggles. They are aware of what it is doing to their lives.

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sobriety and fulfilment

Why Choose Sobriety? Here Are 3 Good Reasons

Traditionally, you have until the epiphany to take down your holiday decorations. It falls 12 days after Christmas (the 12 days of Christmas occur during this time period). But leaving the house lights up after that is bad form. So like many things in life, there is a pause before moving on. On to the next season, on to the next holiday, on to the changes of the New Year. Just like the changing of the season, it’s possible you are in a life pause that coincides with the shifting calendar. You know you that you are lacking fulfillment and

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beauty of sobriety

Living the Beautiful Life of Recovery: Finding True Enjoyment Without Drugs or Alcohol

The New Year is here, and it’s time to consider some of the more profound aspects of life. Even if it feels a bit cliché, it’s time to do some life-pondering. Setting goals, considering your future … or maybe it’s just wondering how you got here. If you are currently living life in the grips of an addiction, you might even be considering making the one change that will affect everything in your life: getting clean. If this is you, you are probably also completely torn. In fact, you have likely known for a while that you are throwing your

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holiday addiction triggers

Common Holiday Triggers and How to Manage Them

It’s no good trying to hide from it. The holiday season has many wonderful aspects, but it has some tougher parts as well. It can be especially rough for someone living in recovery. Particularly for someone early in their journey. Managing and maintaining sobriety is a day-by-day process, but something about the hap-hap-happiest time of year brings a certain amount of potential pitfalls for a person in recovery from a substance use disorder. Why is that? Celebrating together with family and friends is one of the greatest parts of life. Except when it isn’t. The holiday season comes with numerous demands: parties

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5 gratitude quotes for recovery

5 Gratitude Quotes for Recovery

In the process of recovery, one that can be messy and turn up lots of dirt in our hearts that needs to be tended, it’s easy to feel victimized. The world feels like a harsh place that is out to get us. However, along with being a magnet for further decent into negativity, it is often is a precursor to allowing the destruction of addiction back into our lives. Gratitude combats this. It keeps us from being victimized and nurtures recovery. The key is to make an effort. For so long our natural state is one that sees the worst of

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kratom illustration dangers

What Is Kratom?

When we begin the conversation on kratom, we need context. And our particular context is one of recovery and addiction treatment. And that matters. A lot. Remember, an addiction to drugs or alcohol is largely driven by a deeper need to hide from deeper pain or loneliness. When we choose detox and recovery, we are choosing to live in our lives. To wear our own skin and refuse to hide from ourselves anymore. If we don’t, we will slip back into the death trap of addiction.

What is Kratom?

That said, what is kratom? Simply put, kratom is a

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earning trust in addiction recovery

Earning Trust In Addiction Recovery

Just saying sorry is not going to cut it. And really, deep down you know it—it shouldn’t. You have done things, said things, lied about things in your life. You lost the trust of the people who care the most about you. Of course, you were also giving into an addiction on a regular basis and it took the central role of your life hijacking everything you thought and wanted. Still, how can anyone trust you again? The reason you are in a situation where you have lost trust is that, most likely, you repeatedly hurt people who put their trust

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sober halloween

5 Sober Halloween Ideas

So you find yourself here at the end of October, newly in recovery, and you are still not exactly sure how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. That will eventually come very naturally, and won’t even be an issue. But at the beginning it is a new skill to cultivate. So, it’s true, this Halloween will not be a loud, blathering obnoxious bore. But what will you be? That’s hard to tell. The first thing to know is that you are not alone. This is a common feeling amongst people who find sobriety. Of course, it’s okay

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healthy addiction recovery lifestyle

10 Ways to Live a Healthy Addiction Recovery Lifestyle

“I once had an addiction; I don’t have it anymore.” – Said a person destined for relapse

It can be tough for a person with a drug or alcohol addiction to come to the understanding that they are working with a chronic, lifelong illness. Getting rid of the disease of addiction is not really an option. It is now part of life. Yes, this is hard news. However, living life in full recovery is possible. And it is so much better than giving in to the needs and destruction of addiction. There are plenty of people who live with chronic diseases

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Can an Addict Change?

Not everyone with an addiction is looking to make a change; however, each person is certainly in one of the stages of change. In their book Changing for Good, authors Prochaska and DiClemente define 5 stages of change, A closer look at the stages of change is helpful not only for people living with addiction, but they can also help family members (or loved ones) of an addict act as a positive agent in the progression addiction recovery change. It is important to remember, each stage is natural. Success is not part of every stage, but just knowing that

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