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5 Sober Halloween Ideas

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So you find yourself here at the end of October, newly in recovery, and you are still not exactly sure how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. That will eventually come very naturally, and won’t even be an issue. But at the beginning it is a new skill to cultivate. So, it’s true, this Halloween will not be a loud, blathering obnoxious bore. But what will you be? That’s hard to tell. The first thing to know is that you are not alone. This is a common feeling amongst people who find sobriety. Of course, it’s okay to give it a little time. But if you are feeling up for it, get some of your friends in recovery together and try one of these options this year. Here are 5 sober Halloween ideas.

1. Go to a Haunted House

Don’t just settle for telling ghost stories; try living one by visiting a haunted house. If you are here in San Clemente, California, here is a list of spooky attractions in the Orange County area. Or make one yourself. If you have a oprn garage or attic, try transforming it into a haunted house with a little DIY ingenuity that’s sure to scare the neighbors.

2. Have a Sober Halloween Relay Race

Hosting your own party is an excellent way to have a sober Halloween because you can control the guest list in terms of positive influences. Not only does it allow you to choose whether or not to serve alcohol, when you throw a party yourself it means you get to enjoy all your favorite foods. Add some Halloween spirit to the party with seasonal relay activities like apple bobbing, touch-and-feel boxes, and a friendly game of hide and seek or the classic “ghost in the graveyard.”

3. Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkins aren’t just good for pie, they are a great way to decorate a house and a reason to have a couple of friends over for a pumpkin carving evening. Celebrate a sober Halloween by letting out your inner Michelangelo … or Banksy. Carve a face or a detailed design, then show off your handiwork by displaying it on your porch or window. You can come up with categories and award prizes to the scariest, strangest, or most complex pumpkin designs. The best part is that when you’re done displaying the pumpkins, you can roast the seeds for snacking on later.

4. Have a Halloween Movie Marathon

Freak yourself out a little bit by watching classic Halloween movies like the original 1978 Halloween film or the cult hit The Blair Witch Project. If you don’t want to watch the movies alone, invite any friends or family that are up for it and try ranking the movies from creepy to truly horrifying. Bravo’s list of the 100 Scariest Movies is a good place to start.

5. Pass Out Candy – Trick or Treating

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without free candy. So find yourself a house or friend’s place that gets lots of traffic and make a night of it. Seeing all the kids and what they came up with is more fun than you might realize. It also gives you an excuse to get in the spirit of things. Go all out with face paint and elaborate props, or if you’re inspired at the last minute, there are simple costume ideas that only require clothes you probably already have. Try group costumes like the Mario Kart characters or the Spice Girls. Handing out candy is a quieter way to spend a sober Halloween while still enjoying the trick-or-treat experience.

Try It

The key is to remember is that there are plenty of options. The only one you should ignore is the one that says, “Nah.” A person in early recovery is in a stage of rediscovery. Try new things. At this time when you are presented with new activities, you should be saying, “Yes” more often than you are saying, “No.” The good news is your world is no longer limited by figuring out if alcohol or drugs will be available and what you need to do to make sure you can get a fix. Which also means you will be a whole lot more present for those places you are going to be having your fun.

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