What are Drug and Alcohol Withdrawals?

What Are Drug and Alcohol Withdrawals?

Many people have heard of withdrawals that occur during a drug or alcohol detox, but what are they and where do they come from?

Detoxification (detox for short) is the first step in addiction recovery. It is essentially a physical treatment that makes room for the demands of the psychological work that comes with the beginning stage of sobriety. Often the only thing a person can do while in the detox process is focus on getting through it physically and mentally. More extensive cognitive and behavioral therapies will come later, but at the initial stage, the

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5 Levels of Care Addiction Treatment

What Are the Five Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment?

For anyone struggling with addiction and substance use disorder, life can be a difficult, confusing and even dangerous situation. So when an individual finally makes the vital, life-saving decision to find help, the information they are given should be as clear as possible. Unfortunately, the care offered can sometime still be confusing.

It takes time for a substance use disorder to develop. That is why it also takes time for a person to overcome an addiction. As well, there is no single path to take. But essential, there are five different levels of care designed to

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Desoxyn Addiction

Prescription Crystal Meth: Desoxyn Addiction

Desoxyn is one of the most addictive drugs a doctor can prescribe. It’s a brand name methamphetamine used to treat extreme instances of obesity or ADHD. The drug is highly addictive, and used only when all other treatment methods fail. 

Desoxyn Addiction: Prescription Crystal Meth 

Some people refer to Desoxyn as legal crystal meth. It’s the only prescription methamphetamine, and its chemical makeup is essentially the same as crystal meth. Because the drug is hard to obtain, it’s highly-valued as a street drug. 

Signs of Addiction 

There are several mental

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Bad Advise for Drug and Alcohol Detox

Bad Advice About Detox

We all have them. Well-meaning people in our lives. Friends, family, friends-of-friends, family acquaintances once removed. Random strangers in the line at the grocery store. They seem to know what is best for us and for most people altogether. Maybe they read an article online or talked to a person—an expert in the field. Then all the sudden, they have all kinds of advice to dole out on the subject at hand. Believe us. We have heard it, too. Especially where detox is concerned. There is advice on drug and alcohol detox all over the place these days.

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Keep It Simple Addiction Recovery

Keep It Simple in Addiction Recovery

One of the saddest things that occurs in the recovery process is when someone finally understands the danger and chaos of a drug or alcohol addiction and makes a decision to get help, but quits the program before completing treatment. One of the reasons for this is a psychological over-complication of the process. Seeing the overwhelming nature of the sobriety mountain in stead of focusing on a single step.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. Someone comes to you talking about their addiction struggles. They are aware of what it is doing to their lives.

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