What to Expect at an Al-anon Meeting: Support Groups for Family Members

  So you have most likely heard of AA. Alcoholics Anonymous is famous for its 12-step program and the distinct ability to help people with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) find lasting recovery. Especially when it is combined with professional help, it’s a powerful program that leads many to successful addiction management. However, there is another group of people deeply affected by AUD: friends and family members. Often people who live in close proximity to, or care a great deal about, a person with an alcohol addiction have experienced a certain amount of trauma of their own. If you have a loved

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chemical dependency addiction treatment

What Is Chemical Dependency?

All the way up to the middle of the 20th century, the stigma attached to drug or alcohol addiction was attributed to a lack of strength or will. A person with an addiction was seen as weak and corruptible because they couldn’t quit, or didn’t want to. However, the American Medical Association officially recognized alcohol addiction as a disease in l956 (with other addictions added in 1987). This was the first step in helping people understand the complex nature of substance use disorder and how to effectively manage and overcome it. Chemical dependency is an important part of the

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cost of addiction

Cost of Addiction

Addiction’s Common Story

The clear financial cost of addiction is a burden that can easily leave you in ruins. But the signs of the impending disaster are not always obvious to those lost in substance abuse. Because of this strange personal blind spot, it often comes as a surprise to the one experiencing it. The reality is, addiction carries a high cost. It is a price that is broader than most understand.

On the Surface

Once a person falls into an addiction, the math seems fairly straightforward. Conservatively speaking, let’s say you buy a 5-dollar, 6-pack of beer a day. Multiply that by

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detox-only addiction treatment

What Happens After Detox?

Drug and alcohol Detox and residential treatment are two different programs. Both are absolutely necessary, and there are some treatment centers that offer both. However, there are a few reasons some people prefer a detox-only option before making the longer commitment to month-long rehab.


Detox typically lasts no longer than a couple of weeks. This initial stage of treatment is highly focused on releasing a person’s body from the physical addiction to (or dependence on) drugs or alcohol. This level of care will generally have a limited amount of therapies compared to residential treatment. The emphasis is on a safe detox

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holiday addiction triggers

Common Holiday Triggers and How to Manage Them

It’s no good trying to hide from it. The holiday season has many wonderful aspects, but it has some tougher parts as well. It can be especially rough for someone living in recovery. Particularly for someone early in their journey. Managing and maintaining sobriety is a day-by-day process, but something about the hap-hap-happiest time of year brings a certain amount of potential pitfalls for a person in recovery from a substance use disorder. Why is that? Celebrating together with family and friends is one of the greatest parts of life. Except when it isn’t. The holiday season comes with numerous demands: parties

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