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What Is Psychoanalytic Therapy?

Psychoanalytic therapy is talk therapy inspired by Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theories. It’s built on the idea that everyone has unconscious thoughts, feelings, desires, and memories. Psychoanalytic therapy aims to bring out those suppressed emotions and experiences into the light. This approach digs into how your unconscious mind shapes your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Specifically, it delves into how your past experiences, often from childhood, might be influencing your present. The main idea behind this therapy is to pinpoint the root cause of the problem and work on curing it.

How Is Psychoanalytic Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment?

Psychoanalytic therapy can be incorporated into addiction treatment to address the underlying psychological conditions or factors that contribute to addictive behaviors. It is often used to help identify the root causes of addictive patterns by exploring childhood experiences. At SoCal Detox, we believe that psychoanalytic therapy is an integral part of our multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment. Integrating psychoanalytic techniques with other evidence-based therapies and support systems enhances the effectiveness of our addiction treatment program.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Psychoanalytic Therapy?

Psychoanalytic therapy may work well for just about anyone with drug or alcohol addiction, as well as anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. It’s also useful for anyone who wants to delve into self-understanding and self-awareness. 

Long-Term Benefits of Psychoanalytic Therapy

At SoCal Detox, psychoanalytic therapy helps our clients improve their lives by increasing their understanding of their thoughts and feelings. Talk therapies like psychoanalysis can help create more manageable emotions, better relationships, and the ability to make better life choices. Additionally, this type of therapy benefits our clients by helping uncover: 

  • Profound insights into their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors
  • Hidden or unconscious thoughts, feelings, memories, and desires that impact their lives
  • Root causes for their psychological challenges

The long-term benefits of psychoanalytic therapy include: 

  • Expression and release of repressed emotions
  • Ongoing self-reflection
  • Improved coping strategies
  • Personal growth 
  • Emotional well-being
  • Sustained personal development 
  • Better interpersonal relationships 

Is Psychoanalytic Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Psychoanalytic therapy is integrated into our programs at SoCal Detox. If your health insurance includes coverage for addiction treatment expenses, the behavioral and experiential therapies we provide are included in that coverage. Your specific coverage amount for treatment depends on your insurance provider and individual plan. Reach out to one of our admissions professionals, and they can verify your insurance coverage on your behalf. 

Finding Rehab Centers Near Me, That Offers Psychoanalytic Therapy

The grip of drug or alcohol addiction is strong, and it often leads to a sense of despair, especially when you want to quit but you can’t break free on your own. Thankfully, SoCal Detox can help you get on the path to recovery. Participate in psychoanalytic therapy during your detoxification from drugs and alcohol to get to the heart of the root causes of your addiction. Along with our other therapies, you will learn how to live a drug-free and fulfilling life. 

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