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What Is Mindfulness Therapy?

One of the types of therapy we offer at SoCal Detox is mindfulness therapy. It’s a type of therapy that involves identifying and evaluating various aspects of yourself and your surroundings. Practicing mindfulness will teach you to stay present, maintaining awareness of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and the situation you are in. Becoming more aware of these things will help you to better understand, identify, and avoid old thought and behavior patterns.

How Is Mindfulness Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment?

Mindfulness therapy is effective in the treatment of addiction and mental health conditions. Specifically, regarding addiction treatment, mindfulness therapy can make a big difference. Using mindfulness is particularly useful because addictive behaviors usually lack mindfulness. Rather, they are characterized by impulsive actions fueled by cravings, leading to unconscious and excessive behavior patterns. Mindfulness means tuning into your thoughts, emotions, and actions, which is key to preventing relapse. 

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Mindfulness Therapy?

Mindfulness therapy, an ancient practice that has gained acceptance and use in the West in the last several decades, has been considered an effective mental health practice for almost all people who want to improve both their physical and psychological well-being. It is specifically helpful for individuals going through addiction treatment because it aims to lessen the stress and anxiety that is associated with getting and staying clean and sober. 

Long-Term Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

At SoCal Detox, we believe that mindfulness meditation has many benefits, especially for those in drug and alcohol treatment. The detox process can be challenging physically, emotionally, and mentally, and being mindful can help ease the challenges. Some of the most beneficial aspects of mindfulness are: 

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Decreased depression
  • Improved mental clarity and concentration
  • Increased emotional regulation
  • Improved self-control
  • Memory improvements
  • Ability to cope with cravings
  • Ability to relate to other people and one’s self with kindness, compassion, and acceptance

Is Mindfulness Therapy Covered by Insurance?

At SoCal Detox, mindfulness therapy is part of our programs. So, if your health insurance covers all or part of the cost of treatment, the behavioral and experiential therapies we offer are included in what’s covered. The specific amount of coverage you’ll have depends on your insurance provider and individual plan. One of our admissions professionals can verify your insurance coverage for you. Contact SoCal Detox for help. 

Finding Rehab Centers Near Me That Offers Mindfulness Therapy

Being stuck in drug or alcohol addiction can feel hopeless, especially when you want to stop but can’t do it on your own. Fortunately, help and healing are possible. At SoCal Detox, you can begin your journey toward recovery. With mindfulness therapy and a host of other experiential and behavioral therapies, our clients are given the skills and tools that are needed to live fulfilling, substance-free lives.  

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