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Take the First Step at SoCal Drug Detox in Orange County

SoCal Detox offers a state-of-the-art drug detoxification program in Orange County, that assists clients during the initial phase of treatment. Our facilities are located in beautiful San Clemente, CA, and our detox residences offer a comfortable, luxurious environment for you to detox.

SoCal Detox: An Alcohol Detox Center that Cares

When a person is abusing alcohol, they require a supervised detox process in order to safely stop use. We offer a 24-hour on-call physician as well as an experienced team on-hand to assist in keeping you safe & healthy while detoxing from alcohol.

High Quality Care & Support from Our Experienced Staff

The team at SoCal Detox is not only highly qualified but also compassionate when it comes to assisting clients throughout the detoxification process. Our dedicated staff is here to help you through every step of the way throughout your stay at SoCal Detox.

Detox in a Peaceful Environment: Take the Tour Now

Glance through our beautiful detox residences located in San Clemente, CA. Here at SoCal Detox we provide a comfortable, home-like setting for clients to safely withdraw and detox off drugs & alcohol. Our coastal and canyon residences offer clients the ability to take the first step of recovery in peace.

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Drug Addicts: Stigmas and Stereotypes

The idea that those with dug addictive disorders are weak, and less worthy of care has to end today. Let us all put a human face on the issue of substance use and help the sufferers around us.

How Addiction Takes Control Over Our Brains

The two most significant causes of drug abuse are tolerance, and withdrawal. Addiction leads to tolerance – and tolerance leads to withdrawal.

Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms of Heroin

The first goal of heroin detox in Orange County is to use all available interventions to help minimize the discomfort associated with withdrawal and get you to a substance-free state.