Vivitrol Shot for Addiction Recovery In Orange County

Vivitrol Shot Orange County Detox

Individuals who suffer from substance use disorder and are considering detox have several options for treatment to combat cravings. Vivitrol is a medication that is used in the treatment for alcoholism and opioid (i.e., heroin, morphine, prescription pain medications) addiction. This medication is a solution of naltrexone that is released slowly over time. Vivitrol is […]

Keep It Simple in Addiction Recovery

Keep It Simple Addiction Recovery

One of the saddest things that occurs in the recovery process is when someone finally understands the danger and chaos of a drug or alcohol addiction and makes a decision to get help, but quits the program before completing treatment. One of the reasons for this is a psychological over-complication of the process. Seeing the […]

Why Choose Sobriety? Here Are 3 Good Reasons

sobriety and fulfilment

Traditionally, you have until the epiphany to take down your holiday decorations. It falls 12 days after Christmas (the 12 days of Christmas occur during this time period). But leaving the house lights up after that is bad form. So like many things in life, there is a pause before moving on. On to the […]

5 Gratitude Quotes for Recovery

5 gratitude quotes for recovery

Bringing gratitude into your daily life is an important aspect of living in a state of recovery. Here are 5 quoted to inspire your thanksgiving.

What Is Kratom?

kratom illustration dangers

Kratom is marketed as an herbal supplement. However, this addictive substance has hidden dangers and can lead to a need for acute detox and long-term addiction treatment.

Earning Trust In Addiction Recovery

earning trust in addiction recovery

Have you lost the trust of your loved ones as a result of your drug or alcohol addiction? Here are the steps needed to begin earning it back.

5 Sober Halloween Ideas

sober halloween

A person in early recovery is in a stage of rediscovery. Find out some new ways to celebrate Halloween this year without drugs or alcohol.