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Keep It Simple in Addiction Recovery

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One of the saddest things that occurs in the recovery process is when someone finally understands the danger and chaos of a drug or alcohol addiction and makes a decision to get help, but quits the program before completing treatment. One of the reasons for this is a psychological over-complication of the process. Seeing the overwhelming nature of the sobriety mountain in stead of focusing on a single step.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. Someone comes to you talking about their addiction struggles. They are aware of what it is doing to their lives. At least on a cognitive level. They watch their relationships burning down; they see the damage it is doing to their children, parents, friends, wife, husband, self. They can see where this is going to end and will even tell you: prison or the grave.

The Looming Journey of Sobriety

The know something has to change. However, in the middle of the conversation, you can almost her them talking themselves out of it. They site all the times in the past where trying to quit has NOT worked. All the half-attempts at finding sobriety on their own. Making it for three weeks only to falter as soon as they drive by their old boyfriend’s house, or their old workplace, or their “friend” calls up with plans for the evening.

There are actually quite a few things going on with that situation, but for the purposes of deciding to get help and even continue walking the path of recovery, simplicity is an important aspect of making it happen. Why? Because the path to recovery seems too daunting to a person with a substance use disorder. The can’t imagine life without drugs or alcohol, and they believe the process of giving it up will include spending the rest of their life white-knuckling through their days while depriving themselves of the only thing that can give them joy.

When Recovery Is Too Big

You’ve heard the phrases: “one day at a time,” “easy does it,” and “keep it simple.” These are all ways of saying, don’t let the story that hasn’t happened yet rule your life. Don’t let what you think is going to happen tomorrow derail your life today.

In the scenario above, the individual talks themselves out of trying to start recovery because of all the ways things have gone in the past, and all the ways that they can see things going wrong in the future. So why even try?

In recovery you are not responsible for any of the moments but THIS one. What are you going to do right now? It’s the simplicity of the now, and it makes all the difference.

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple is a phrase often used in the 12-step program. But it doesn’t have to be limited to that approach. Simplicity is helpful no matter what treatment program you are using. When you have a system, a support group, and a team that has set up your individualized map to recovery, your priority is to keep it simple. Focus on right now. You don’t have to be 100 percent healed and ready to take on the world today. All you have to do is be in recovery right now. And right now. And right now.

And then just trust the system.

This is a life-changing reality for many people struggling with substance use disorder. The pressure they put on themselves to get it all handled and do it perfectly, these things actually get in the way of lasting recovery.

Time to Begin

If you or someone you know is avoiding recovery because they are too afraid that it will fail, call one of our addiction specialist today. We are available to offer a free consultation and help you understand the process that will make a difference for your individual purpose.  At SoCal Detox, our team will keep you or your loved one focused only on what matters. Take the first step towards lasting recovery today, call now: 888-590-0777.

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