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What Happens After Detox?

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Drug and alcohol Detox and residential treatment are two different programs. Both are absolutely necessary, and there are some treatment centers that offer both. However, there are a few reasons some people prefer a detox-only option before making the longer commitment to month-long rehab.


Detox typically lasts no longer than a couple of weeks. This initial stage of treatment is highly focused on releasing a person’s body from the physical addiction to (or dependence on) drugs or alcohol. This level of care will generally have a limited amount of therapies compared to residential treatment. The emphasis is on a safe detox and withdrawal management and residents are highly monitored by an experienced team and medical director.

There will be some support groups and individual counseling, but much of that will be early recovery and next step oriented. Detox is a highly specific treatment and centers that specialize in it are a good choice when considering treatment options.

Residential Treatment

In contrast to that, once the physical addiction is under control, a person can then give more attention on the deeper aspects of recovery treatment. Residential treatment (often referred to as rehab) by successful definition should be at the very minimum around 30 days. In rehab, residents will experience more diverse types of therapy options and find themselves involved in multiple groups, in addition to individual counseling.

Even though residential treatment is long-term when compared with detox, it is still the first steps of full recovery. The goal here is on helping residents identify harmful thoughts and habits that lead them to substance abuse and give them to the tools to achieve lasting sobriety. Plus there is relapse prevention, skill development, and much more all with the intention of helping a person make a successful transition back into society with the tools they need and a base support system to rely on.

Relationship Between Detox and Rehab

What is the relationship between the two? Actually it is a very important one. Detox only treatment centers (such as SoCal Detox) care a great deal about their residents. They want the best for them and are careful to make sure that the next level of care is going to be the best fit for the resident. Detox-only treatment centers have a trusted network of rehabs they work with. They create these relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and belief in the program and team. It is a curated set of proven facilities that are available to residents ready for the next phase of recovery.

This is actually one of the more important reasons to choose a Detox-only option. When a person with a substance use disorder finally makes the brave decision to ask for help, the next step of actually finding the right treatment can be overwhelming.

When you choose a detox-only option, you have a bit more time to make the decision for longer-term treatment. And not only that, you have the benefit of a team of addiction professionals on your side with multiple resources. This team will evaluate you and understand your specific needs, then present you with the options they believe make the most sense for you.

Detox-only Guidance

For example, you might do well with a specific treatment center that has an wilderness therapy focus. Or maybe there is trauma involved in your history that contributes to you your addiction. Or perhaps less-intense options are necessary and outpatient treatment is an option for you (where a person in treatment can live at home and still take part in an intensive program). As well there are insurance questions, availability concerns, and location options that can add to the confusion.

All to say, the good thing about a detox-only facility is that you don’t have to make all the decisions at once. The key is finding a location that will commit to work closely with you through the detox as well as help you find the next treatment step.

An Involved Recovery Goal Process

At SoCal Detox, our residents are part of the goal-setting process. Our experienced staff work directly with clients as well as their family to ensure the right treatment plan is put into place. As well, our high level of quality and ethical standards means we care for clients all the way through to the best residential program available.

If you or your loved one is in need of a drug or alcohol detox that helps you plan through an individualized treatment plan, please call us today. Our specialists are here to help you understand all your options: 888-590-0777.

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