why detox at Christmas?

3 Reasons to Go to Detox Before Christmas

It’s the stress. It’s the family convergence. It’s the weather. Its simply the memories. All of these things that can represent both good and difficult aspects about the holiday season can converge to spell certain disaster for someone strolling with a substance use disorder (or addiction).

Maybe it’s the financial woes, the family drama, or the bigger struggle of making everything work. The end of the year is a time when many people relapse or find the deepest end of the depths of their addiction. It’s vital to get ahead of this before the

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alcohol use disorder

A Deadly Disease: Discussing Alcohol Use Disorder

The 2013 updated version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) reclassified two previously separate issues—alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse—into one diagnosis, termed Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). With all of the technical jargon, information, and misinformation on the Web in relation to this subject, one may find themselves wondering what is the difference between AUD and alcoholism, or if there is really any difference at all?

Defining Alcohol Use Disorder

AUD, or Alcohol Use Disorder, is broken down into three subsections: mild, moderate, and severe. If one presents with a certain number of

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Unique Detox Program - DCAP

DCAP: A Unique Approach to Detox From SoCal Detox

Detox is sometimes misunderstood as the full extent of addiction treatment. While it is the most important first step to take, it is only a piece of the overall drug or alcohol addiction treatment program.

With this in mind, there are a few important aspects of a high-quality detox that will influence the effectiveness of a program. Not only are quick access, a location of healing, an experienced staff, a variety of treatment modalities, and a qualified use of medications all of vital importance, the most effective detox treatment will understand that substance use

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K2/Spice detox at SoCal

90 People Overdosed on K2 … What Is It?

On August 15th, 2018, people across the world were shocked to hear of more than 90 people suddenly collapsing in a park in New Haven, Connecticut. In May, more than 25 people suddenly collapsed and were sent to the hospital in Brooklyn, New York. The cause in these instances and many others was the same: an overdose of a synthetic cannabinoid known on the street as synthetic marijuana, K2 or Spice. 

The New Haven K2 Overdoses 

Initially, New Haven K2 users felt relaxed and euphoric. However, fairly soon after using the drug, people quickly

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Demi Lovato’s Opioid Overdose and How Narcan Can Save a Life

Narcan can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Here’s info on what happens, where to get it, and ... why it's not the full solution.

As was widely publicized and talked about in across the media, in late July, 2018, Demi Lovato, pop starlet and TV personality, overdosed on heroin.

However, one of her friends had Narcan on-hand. This quite possibly saved her life.

So what is Narcan? What did it do for her? Why did her friends have some lying around?

Be Prepared

In the case of Lovato, reportedly

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group therapy in detox

Benefits of Group Therapy During Detox

There are many approaches to recovery and addiction treatment. Every person is unique and each one can respond differently to depending on their personal history, temperament, and more. Some need the steps; some can’t find help in that environment. Some like working with animals, and some get nothing from spending time with horses. However, despite all the different ways to work through recovery, there is one thing just about everyone agrees on … you can’t do it alone.

People in recovery from substance use disorders and looking for relief from drug or alcohol addiction need community.

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Detox Away From Home

Why Drug or Alcohol Detox Away From Your Home Town?

Although selecting a detox program and the right facility is a difficult decision, choosing to leave a home area or even a home state for treatment is often a wise decision. Even though “home” (or home area) feels safe and comfortable, home is also the place where an addiction was able to build. Most likely unchecked. Eventually coming back home with a completely new outlook will be the ultimate goal of any addiction treatment program. However, sometimes getting out of the original environment is the right move to find a fresh start. While the daunting idea of detox might be even a bit

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getting help for addiction

Addiction Treatment: How to Ask for Help

Addiction can be a lonely experience. For some people, the only thing more terrifying than addiction itself is the thought of admitting that they have a problem, which means many users struggle for years without ever getting the help they need. That doesn't have to be the case. A substance use disorder is a real issue that requires professional help. This help usually requires a detox—and hopefully some sort of stabilization process. But the only way the person can get the help they need is by reaching out for help. If you are struggling, help for your addiction might only be a

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using insurance for detox

Using Insurance for Detox in Orange County California

Finding treatment for addiction can be one of the most overwhelming things for a person to go through. It is difficult to finally come to the understanding that help is necessary and a new life might be possible. And beyond that, discerning all the levels of care that are necessary and finding the right program—these are seemingly monumental tasks. On top of it all, you have to figure out the cost of treatment. SoCal Detox is located in San Clemente, California, and we are very aware of the cost prohibitive aspects of individuals looking for help for freedom from an addiction.

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nutrition at detox

Meals at SoCal Detox – What to Expect – Pt. 1

Meet some of the faces of SoCal Detox. Here we introduce our head chef and clinical director. In this conversation you get a look at the importance of nutrition and balanced meals in a quality drug and alcohol detox. Do you or your loved one need a quality, caring place to begin addiction treatment? Call us today: 888-590-0777.

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