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Why A Drug Detox Program is Needed Before Rehab

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When you or a loved one is seeking to recover from the ravages of substance abuse, you must realize that recovery as a whole doesn’t happen in a single step or occur in a specific frame of time. In order to achieve long-term and meaningful sobriety, you must have in place a well thought out and comprehensive recovery plan that is made up of several essential components. The first and most important step in the recovery process is successfully completing a medical detoxification program. Drug detox will allow you minimize the dangers that can occur when you stop using substances, and it will provide a smoother transition to an intensive and highly structured drug treatment program.

Can I Just Quit Drugs on My Own Without Drug Detox?

While many of those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol understand the importance of drug detox, they may feel uncertain and maybe even a bit frightened of what they may feel when undergoing the detox process. It is this apprehension that may fuel thoughts they can detox on their own either by quitting substances “cold turkey” or by utilizing various over the counter remedies in an attempt to self-detox.

If you are entertaining the thought of trying to detox on your own, you may be of the opinion that since your allowed yourself to get caught in the vicious cycle of addiction, you must find a way to break free. While these self-detoxification methods may seem more appealing on the surface, trying to detox on your own carries with it significant risks to your health.

Without the close supervision and medical intervention of an experienced medical detox treatment team, the withdrawal symptoms that you can encounter have the potential to become life-threatening. This is especially true if you have underlying medical or mental health issues. Undergoing treatment at a quality detox center will allow you to the withdrawal process safely and in an environment that is safe, secure, comfortable and supervised around the clock by experienced professionals.

What Are the Reasons Why Detox is so Important to My Recovery?

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Despite the misgivings you may have regarding drug detoxification, making the commitment to a detox program at a reputable facility will provide you with tremendous benefits that will strengthen you recovery and give you the best chance and achieving and maintaining sobriety. These benefits include the following:

Drug Detox Will Make the Withdrawal Process More Tolerable and Safe

No matter what substance or substances you are addicted to, almost all of them have significant physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be felt once you abruptly stop taking your drug of choice. These symptoms can be extremely painful and uncomfortable to endure, and these feelings can be so overwhelming you may revert back to active drug use in order to minimize the pain.

During your stay in a reputable drug detox facility, a “gradual taper” approach is applied through the responsible use of medications such as suboxone buprenorphine and other similar medicines. These medications will gradually decrease the levels of toxic substances in your body, and as a result withdrawal symptoms become more manageable and your body will begin to readjust back to normal. In addition to medication therapy, detox staff may include other interventions such as nutritional and exercise therapy as part of your overall detoxification plan.

Diagnosis of Co-Occurring Disorders

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More often than not, there may be other issues that lay beyond the actual use of substances. During your stay in a drug detox program, treatment staff will perform a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose any co-occurring psychological disorders that you may have in addition to your substance abuse issues. Drug and alcohol abuse is often a symptom of a deeper issue such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or even a serious medical issue. In the event that a co-occurring disorder is discovered during your evaluation, treatment staff can include that in their initial and individualized treatment plan that will be used when you transition into intensive residential treatment.

Drug Detox Will Better Prepare You for the Transition Into Drug Treatment

Another way that drug detox is needed before treatment is that fact that once you are substance free and stable, detox staff will help you prepare and transition into the rigors of intensive drug treatment. Before you enter drug treatment, you will be introduced to and become familiar with the structure of drug treatment programming which includes intensive individual and group therapy, life and coping skills training, relapse prevention education, 12-step group introduction and aftercare options. Additionally, staff will provide those about to complete detoxification the encourage and support they need and are given the message that recovery is possible.

One Important Thing to Remember About Drug Detox

Before you enter a drug detox program, it is important to understand that drug detoxification is not drug treatment in of itself. While the detox process will help you get past the physical aspects of addiction, without the intensive therapy and programming in drug treatment you will not address the underlying roots of your substance abuse. As stated at the beginning of this article, drug detox is an essential piece of the recovery puzzle and designed to complement drug treatment, aftercare and participation in sober support groups.

Call SoCal Detox Today and Learn More About Our Orange County Detox Programs

When you make the commitment to undergo drug treatment, the prospect of feeling pain and discomfort when you quit using substances can give you second thoughts about entering treatment altogether. While withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be unpleasant, doing so in a safe and supportive environment can help make the process more tolerable. As one of the premier detox facilities in southern California, SoCal Detox offers a wide variety of drug detox programs that are effective, proven to work, and administered by professional, experienced and compassionate staff.

Don’t wait another day to address your substance abuse issues. Call SoCal Detox toll-free today and find out more how our individualized detox programs can help you achieve lasting recovery.

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