Cocaine and the Brain

Cocaine addiction is one of the deadliest substance use disorders in the U.S. today. Every year, there are 5,000 deaths and almost half a million hospitalizations due to the illegal drug. This powerful stimulant can easily result in a substance use disorder, along with various other physical and mental side effects. Using cocaine means that the user will build up a tolerance to it, requiring a higher and higher dose to feel the effects and develop a physical dependency. A cocaine detox and an addiction treatment program can help break the cycle caused by this dangerous substance. 

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Oxycodone Addiction - Oxycontin

The Difference Between OxyContin and Oxycodone

They sound the same. Indeed the are nearly the same. However, there are a couple of differences that are easy enough to identify. This will keep you informed when making decisions in a doctor’s office. Or it can give you insight on what you or a loved one have already been prescribed. But one thing is important to remember, both oxycodone and OxyContin are part of the opioid family of painkillers. As such, they are both addictive and should only be used in accordance to a doctor’s instructions.

Let’s Start With Oxycodone 

Oxycodone is

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K2/Spice detox at SoCal

90 People Overdosed on K2 … What Is It?

On August 15th, 2018, people across the world were shocked to hear of more than 90 people suddenly collapsing in a park in New Haven, Connecticut. In May, more than 25 people suddenly collapsed and were sent to the hospital in Brooklyn, New York. The cause in these instances and many others was the same: an overdose of a synthetic cannabinoid known on the street as synthetic marijuana, K2 or Spice. 

The New Haven K2 Overdoses 

Initially, New Haven K2 users felt relaxed and euphoric. However, fairly soon after using the drug, people quickly

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ecstasy addiction treatment

Understanding Ecstasy: Addiction and Awareness

There is a bit of an air of mystery around the drug that is known as ecstasy. It shows up amongst young people and has all the signs of a romanticized ideal that makes it attractive to experimenters and uninitiated: easy, quick, available. This “fun drug,” however, is extremely addictive and has a dark aspect that most are not aware of before deciding to risk it all for a short fix that imitates a good time.

Traditionally, ecstasy is found in conjunction with parties, nightclubs, or raves. While that can certainly still be the case,

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dry drunk detox

Sober but Angry: What Is a Dry Drunk?

The idea of recovery is a profound one. It is someone choosing to take the steps necessary to create an entire new life for themselves. It’s more than simply quitting. Much more.

You can stop eating unhealthy foods. You can stop seeing a friend who is bad for you. You can stop doing just about anything. However, there is always the possibility of starting back up again. Getting back in the bad habit. Going back to all the wrong places. Returning to who you once were.

Addiction Recovery: More Than Sobriety

This is

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Demi Lovato’s Opioid Overdose and How Narcan Can Save a Life

Narcan can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Here’s info on what happens, where to get it, and ... why it's not the full solution.

As was widely publicized and talked about in across the media, in late July, 2018, Demi Lovato, pop starlet and TV personality, overdosed on heroin.

However, one of her friends had Narcan on-hand. This quite possibly saved her life.

So what is Narcan? What did it do for her? Why did her friends have some lying around?

Be Prepared

In the case of Lovato, reportedly

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group therapy in detox

Benefits of Group Therapy During Detox

There are many approaches to recovery and addiction treatment. Every person is unique and each one can respond differently to depending on their personal history, temperament, and more. Some need the steps; some can’t find help in that environment. Some like working with animals, and some get nothing from spending time with horses. However, despite all the different ways to work through recovery, there is one thing just about everyone agrees on … you can’t do it alone.

People in recovery from substance use disorders and looking for relief from drug or alcohol addiction need community.

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sober is beautiful

How Sobriety Is Beautiful

As we have discussed previously, getting clean from drugs and alcohol is a whole-life transformation. There are plenty of concrete benefits to finding lasting recovery. With those things in mind, as well as being a drug and alcohol detox located in Orange County, California, we are very aware many other benefits of recovery. One of them being an overall attractiveness that comes with sobriety. More than just a pretty face, though your body displays your overall health. And health is beautiful. Here are a few ways your healing will affect your looks once you decide to get your body

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prescription drug addiction

Am I Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

Prescription medications are powerful. And they are useful tools. When used as they have been intended, they can treat or manage diseases as well as offer relief to the symptoms many diseases bring. Prescription drugs can treat such a wide array of ailments and disorders as cancer, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and many more. As the name indicates, prescription drugs are obtained from a doctor. People can also find these kinds of drugs on the streets, but the addiction typically begins when a person has received a directive from a medical professional to treat an ailment or pain—and a legal

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opioid crisis america

Opioid Crisis in America

The official manual on all mental health topics and issues is called the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). And the newest edition of the DSM, the fifth one, has stopped using terms such as “substance abuse” and “substance dependence.” It now refers to issues in the addiction category as “disorders.” For example, a person with an opioid addiction has an opioid use disorder (OUD). This language is important in the understanding of addiction as a disease. Even though it's a little clunky for everyday conversation, the point remains—people who have addictions to drugs or alcohol have

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