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SoCal Detox Calls for High Ethical Standards

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On Tuesday, June 13, 2107, Sovereign Health in San Clemente was raided by 40 federal agents. This alarming event has occurred during a period of time when the Southern California recovery industry (addiction treatment centers, detoxification centers, and other chemical dependency programs) has been under much scrutiny and media investigation for ethical standards.

Unfortunately, for good reason.

Here at SoCal Detox, when we hear of unethical activities that have occurred in other treatment centers, we are deeply saddened by the news. Everything from insurance fraud to what has been called “body brokering,” a situation where an addict is offered payment in exchange for choosing a specific program. This happens to people when they are at their most vulnerable. It’s a money grab that disregards the lives of individuals as well as their families who have put their trust in these programs and institutions.

Of course, it hit close to home yesterday as one of the most prominent Southern California treatment networks was the target of multiple sealed search warrants. There is no public information on why the FBI served the warrants. However, it serves as a reminder.

We are proud of our ethically based intake of patients and high standard of quality care here at SoCal Detox. It is something that flows from the deep compassion, care, and ethical principles that center our program.

If you want to know more about the measures we take, or if you are looking for a place you can trust for you or your loved one to get the help they need, please call us today: 888-590-0777.

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