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How Sobriety Is Beautiful

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As we have discussed previously, getting clean from drugs and alcohol is a whole-life transformation. There are plenty of concrete benefits to finding lasting recovery. With those things in mind, as well as being a drug and alcohol detox located in Orange County, California, we are very aware many other benefits of recovery. One of them being an overall attractiveness that comes with sobriety. More than just a pretty face, though your body displays your overall health. And health is beautiful. Here are a few ways your healing will affect your looks once you decide to get your body off the horrible effects of drugs and alcohol.


Let’s start with the obvious one.

Alcohol: with alcohol you are probably going to lose weight. Now, this is not to say that beauty only belongs to the thin. But it is almost always healthy to loose a bit of weight. And a less-rotund face in the mirror is usually a welcomed sight. That said, it’s not uncommon for a person with an alcohol addiction to drink over 1,000 calories a day. Think about that. Men typically need about 2,500 calories per day to maintain a healthy body weight. People with alcohol use disorder are adding nearly an extra third the total diet of a healthy man in their bodies every day. Just by what they drink. When you get clean, your waistline will show some fairly substantial changes.

Drugs: With drugs, you are probably going to put a few pounds on. Which is probably a very good thing. A person with a drug addiction will typically be malnourished. And that does not look good. Your body has been neglected, and it’s exhausted. Sadly for some, the addition of weight is a deterrent to getting off drugs, but read on for why that should be the last thing you are thinking.

Topical Issues

There are other very specific benefits to sobriety that have distinct physical effects. Both alcohol and many types of drugs give you dull skin. Plus the addictive lifestyle will take a toll are your hair, your teeth, your nose (especially if you are inhaling [ie. snorting] drugs), and your overall physique. You might be surprised at the many details that work together to create a better-looking overall you.

Sobriety Brings Energy

When you get clean, you will find that you have good clean energy. When your body is filled with good nutrition and getting the rest it needs and being replenished in ways it hasn’t in years, the result is a happy body. Now, this might not be the case right away. Your body has some work to do. It may feel like you are run down for a couple of weeks. This is common. But soon your energy levels will be higher. 


This means you will finally have the wherewithal to begin to exercise—the benefits of which in recovery are numerous. So, once you make the decision to go to detox and subsequent residential treatment, make sure you build the healthy habit of learning how to exercise (yoga is particularly beneficial to individuals in recovery). This will affect just about every aspect of your life and it will help you look good, too.

Emotional Power

Possibly the most attractive aspect of a person in recovery is the fact that they are getting completely healthy. This is full recovery. Recovery is so much more than just physical addiction to drugs and alcohol. Finding healing for mental illness, discovering (and confronting) psychological needs and destructive habits, coming to terms with trauma and life circumstances … these are all beautiful things. They are attractive aspects that contribute to full beauty.

When you are clean, you are able to love your life, to chase your passions, to regain your spirituality, to look good, and feel good. All of this combined with the physical benefits to sobriety; these are the reasons sobriety is beautiful. They are the reason sobriety makes you better looking.

The first step to a full and beautiful life of sobriety is a high-quality detox. SoCal Detox in San Clemente, California, has an experienced team to help you or your loved one take the initial movement toward lasting recovery. To find out more about your options and the path toward sobriety please call one of our addiction specialists, today: 888-590-0777.

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