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We recently surveyed many of the residents that have gone through the program at SoCal Detox. Our purpose was to continue to improve on our services and maximize our facility effectiveness. On part of the survey, we asked for words former residents would be willing to share with others on the quality of treatment they received from SoCal Detox.

We were thrilled to hear how many people were truly grateful for the transformation they found at SoCal Detox and one of our partners, Ocean Ranch Recovery. So we want to let others know about it.* We believe some of the things they said personify the ideals we strive for here at SoCal Detox.

*Please note: We are going to keep their identities private.

High Praise From Residents Who Found Transformation at SoCal Detox:

“This is where you want to be if you want to change your life for the better and learn so many things about yourself.”

… The [SoCal Detox] staff was outstanding in regards to the level of care, and they all demonstrated a passion and compassion for their roles in my detox. They also went above and beyond by taking us to outside meetings and holding internal meetings and daily reflections. The communication among each staff member was great, and their response had a certain sense of urgency for all patient inquiries. Thanks again for taking care of me.

“Great staff”

“Couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire experience and all the staff. You all are great!”

“Staff was wonderful, clean facility, overall excellent experience.”

“Once again, you guys have steered my mind into the right place where things could have gone wrong. I am more than grateful for everyone at SoCal detox!”

“Recommended to everyone.”

“Amazing staff.”

“Outstanding people at this facility! Thank you for everything.”

“Staff was very helpful to me. They helped me reach some of my goals and met if not succeeded my needs. I’m very grateful to Ocean Ranch Recovery.”

(Ocean Ranch Recovery is one of SoCal Detox’s multiple partner recovery centers)

“Ocean Ranch Recovery Impatient is one of the best facilities I’ve ever been to.”

“The staff was friendly and helpful. I was set up for success.”

“Good, caring staff, treat their patients with great kindness.”

“Best detox I’ve ever been to.”


“Thank you!”

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SoCal Detox cares about every person that walks through our doors. Our staff is compassionate, informed, and experienced. Their efforts to make a difference in each individual’s life helps residents make strong decisions for their recovery and their future. This is one aspect of treatment that truly sets SoCal Detox apart.

If you or your loved one is looking for the kind of care that makes a difference, please call us today. We are ready to answer your questions and help guide you to the best treatment options available to you: 888-590-0777.

More: If you or a loved one has had their life changed by the SoCal Detox or Ocean Ranch experience, please let us know in the comments.

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