Heroin is arguably one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. An extremely powerful narcotic, heroin can cause devastating physical and psychological damage in users and can ruin families and relationships. To truly break free from the grip of heroin addiction, it is absolutely necessary to seek professional help immediately. A crucial step in the recovery process is undergoing a thorough detoxification under the close supervision of a professional staff. If you are struggling with heroin addiction and are seeking a heroin detox center in Orange County, pick up the phone and call SoCal Detox Center today.

What to Expect From Our Orange County Heroin Detox Center

In your search for a heroin detox center, you may have concerns regarding the detox process itself and may fear the pain and discomfort that is associated with withdrawal. While heroin withdrawal can be extremely unpleasant, an Orange County heroin detox center can help make withdrawal less painful. When you undergo detox treatment, there are three important goals that will be achieved once you are completed with the detox process.

The first goal of heroin detox in Orange County is to use all available treatments and interventions to help minimize the discomfort associated with withdrawal and get you to a substance-free state. Secondly, the detox staff will perform comprehensive evaluations in order to identify any co-occurring disorders that may present difficulties in your recovery process. Oftentimes heroin use is a symptom of a deeper underlying issue, and if those issues are not addressed you are at greater risk for relapse.

Once you are substance free and stable, a heroin detox center will help prepare you for your transition into intensive residential-based drug treatment. While the detox process will make you look and feel better, detox in itself is not considered drug treatment. While you may be free of the physical effects of heroin, you must address the underlying issues that are the cause of your heroin addiction. Addressing these root causes of your substance abuse will give you the best chance at achieving a meaningful, long-term recovery.

Methods to Help You Quit Heroin

While going to a heroin detox center is an essential step in helping you quit the drug for good, you may be thinking that self-detox methods or quitting heroin “cold turkey” may be easier. While these methods may seem appealing, they can also be very dangerous. Heroin is a powerful central nervous system depressant that significantly affects your brain and heart. If you abruptly decide to quit using heroin, you can experience withdrawal symptoms that have the potential to be life threatening. That is why is it important to seek professional help through a heroin detox center in Orange County where you will receive around the clock monitoring.

In addition to full support, there are also other complementary methods that will help you withdrawal safely from the effects of heroin. For example, having an environment in which you can get the rest and sleep you need to revitalize your body is an important part of the heroin detox process. You will also receive extensive nutritional support and be able to take part in exercise programs. Most importantly, you will receive the help and support of treatment staff who will be with you around the clock to make sure that you are eager and motivated for inpatient drug treatment.

How Our Heroin Detox Center in Orange County Can Help

If you are truly ready to make the commitment to heroin treatment and are looking for an Orange County heroin detox center, SoCal Detox Center is your first and only choice. We can help you kick your heroin addiction by providing a safe, comfortable and secure facility to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Our experienced detox staff will help minimize the pain of withdrawal by the use a host of therapeutic techniques.

You will also receive a comprehensive physical and mental evaluation to screen for any underlying issues, and can create an initial and individualized treatment plan that best suits your specific and unique needs. You have been thinking about recovery and now is the time to act. Call SoCal Detox Center toll-free today and make your recovery a reality.