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Changing Before Hitting Rock Bottom

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It is a saying that sounds like a phrase Yoda would say to Luke Skywalker: Change you must, or die you will. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But that’s for a reason. When a person finally comes to the understanding that they need help, the change has to come first. And the change has to be complete. And the only alternative to change is death. It’s pretty intense. But it’s a stark reality.

However, the absolute and full “change I must” is a tough thing to process for someone considering quitting drugs or alcohol. It’s like hearing someone say, “Getting clean is actually quite easy: all you have to do is change everything about you.”

This is fairly true. But not exactly helpful for someone on their first day in detox or rehab.

First the Rock-Bottom Reality

So let’s look at this from the back to the front. Do you really believe the fact that death is the end of drug and alcohol addiction? In more than a were-all-gonna-die-someday kind of thing. Alcohol and drug addiction brings people to early, painful, and avoidable death. It causes chaos and grief for their families and even puts other innocent people in danger.

It has been said that a person has to hit rock bottom to begin looking for recovery. And sure, it helps. But there is a real problem with waiting for that to happen in your life—you’re putting yourself at a pretty high risk. The real rock bottom is death. And it happens every day. There is no recovery from that.

So maybe you are actually at your proverbial rock bottom. You have realized that your life is being lost. That you are hurting yourself and your loved ones. You have realized where all of this is headed. The key for you to find real recovery is not getting into a near-death situation. It is living in this understanding and deciding to make the change.

Of course, there are plenty of other aspects of addiction that are near as bad as death, or at least horribly life changing. Declining health, dwindling finances, criminal activity (happening to you or by you), and of course, there is the fact that you are living a lie to the people you care about most in this world.

Baby Steps to Change

So back to the beginning of the phrase, “change I must.” Inherent in the understanding of this phrase is the fact that for an addict, yes … pretty much everything must change.

But that’s less of an overarching statement than it seems on the surface. And you don’t have to start there.

Obviously, your family is not going to change or your hair color (unless you make some other, necessary drastic changes in those places). But the way you approach everything will change. It is called living in recovery. The good news is that this living in recovery is better. Once you are in it, you understand how there was no good or fun or even enjoyment in addiction. It was the drugs and alcohol brainwashing you.

This means that everything changes. For some people, this change can come quickly. But usually, it takes time and practice. But the change does come, and it is fairly complete. It arches over everything in your life, daily actions, minute details. Once this change is in your life, however, you will be amazed at how wonderful it is. It won’t happen all at once, so the overwhelming possibility of this change should not stop you. Just take it a day at a time. As life passes, the change will become what you point to as your liberation from death row.

Some people hit the real rock bottom. A tragic number of people. Make no mistake, addiction will kill and destroy everything good in your life; it will bring you to full insanity and eventually end your life. Please don’t let it get that far before you realize, “Change I must.”

What Now? The First Step in Change for Addiction Recovery

The first step is truly deciding you are done with the downward spiral that will lead to destruction. And really, the faster you decide this, the better. Please don’t let stigma and shame keep you from the bravest, smartest thing you can do: getting help.

Once you have decided that, you will need to detox and formulate a recovery plan. This is where SoCal Detox can come in and help. We are an orange county detox (San Clemente, California) with an outstanding clinical program and an experienced team to guide you through detox and on to further rehab options.

Please call us today and talk to one of our addiction specialists to find out what your options are: 888-590-0777.

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