Motivation to Quit: The Step Before Drug or Alcohol Detox

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Detox is the first step in getting free from addiction. But true recovery has to start before that. Some people hit “rock bottom”—and that might look different for every person—while some don’t. However, you don’t have to find yourself in jail or wake up in a dangerous location with no memory of how you got there to decide to quit drugs or alcohol. Because, seriously, … why do that? Why let it get that far?

Addiction is a one-way street. You know where it is headed. Most likely there will be a proverbial rock bottom. It could involve putting yourself in danger or possibly your loved ones. Car accidents are common. Medical emergencies. Job loss and financial destitution. You get the picture. These are all different versions of what could be the agent of change for a person to look for recovery.

Of course, since drugs and alcohol addiction can easily lead to death, you are still getting off fairly lucky if you actually hit a rock bottom.

But there is another change agent that can help you escape some of the potential dangers. Because, why wait for that to happen? If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction, now is the time to take personal inventory. It is time to choose to change. People recover from drug and alcohol addiction all the time. Thousands of people every year. For you to do it, there needs to be a bit of motivation to quit drugs or alcohol.

Memory for Motivation to Quit

Remember Your Days.
How many memories have you missed out on? Maybe you were too high to be fully present. Or very likely you missed important events because your addiction took the priority in your life. When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, life flies by in dangerous patterns. While recovery allows you to be present—to each moment as well as the milestones in life.

Remember Who You Are.
Who was that person that grew up able to have fun without drugs or alcohol? It used to be you. You were fully able to enjoy life even pursue things that were important to you. And now you can’t even remember last week. It’s time to get yourself back.

Remember What You Love.
You once had a passion for things. Maybe it was sports that you enjoyed. Maybe reading or writing or painting or playing music. Whatever it was, your passions make life worth living. Addiction takes away your desire to create life and makes you willing to accept a shadow of what life is supposed to be. It’s a hollow existence.

Improvements For …

Being healthy. Remember that? It feels good. You look good. This can be a powerful motivation to quit drugs or alcohol. When your life is back in your hands, you can take a hike, go for a run, simply take a walk with a loved one. Drugs and alcohol are poisons you are willingly putting into your body. You will be surprised at how quickly you are able to feel better once you’ve been able to detox. And how quickly the desire to get better—get in shape, explore the outdoors, build on your health—returns.

My Relationships
More than likely, you have damaged relationships. This is one of the sad and certain side effects of drug and alcohol addiction. And you probably did not care when you were doing it. However, your family, your spouse, your children, your lifelong friendships, these are some of the most important things in life. Once you are clean you can begin to mend those relationships. In fact, you will need these relationships in order to stay committed. You will have to earn their trust back. But it will be worth it. This is a foundation to true life.

My Situation
Stop the pain. At first, you start drinking or doing drugs because of the pain. Physical pain. Emotional pain. Psychological. All of these things cause people to try to numb it all out. However, it’s the Band-Aid theory (if your Band-Aid also actively poisoned your body and stole your will to thrive). Covering your pain with drugs or alcohol will not heal you. And even worse, eventually the tools you used to numb your pain become your biggest the cause of pain. Your entire life will find transformation when you address your deepest issues—the ones that continue to push you to find that fix.


You don’t need to be high for life to be worthwhile. You probably can’t imagine that now, but millions of people living happily in recovery can attest. They also once thought all joy and fun in life had to be tied to drugs or alcohol. This is a massive lie that keeps people in the grips of addiction. But is certainly is a lie.

You can discover, like so many others, that life can be amazing without substance use. It certainly doesn’t feel that way now. But you are going to have to trust those who have walked this path before you.

You numb everything, good and bad, with drugs. Losing connection with your emotions and your motivations has put you on the sidelines of life while others were engaged.

*Side note: Also, have you even stopped to think about how much money you spend on booze or drugs? You will be able to pay your rent! Maybe even take a trip. Or afford a car or computer.

Full Possibility

Taking the step to consider these things, to allow the uncertainty of sobriety to be a possibility, this is a difficult path. However, on this path, there is the possibility of pure joy. Contentment. Satisfaction. You can win your family and loved ones back and find yourself in the process. This path is the one that leads you back to yourself.

Life is so much more than surviving. Now is the time to make the decision to thrive.

If you or your loved one are finally ready to make the decision to give life a chance, we are here to help you take the right steps. SoCal Detox takes you in and guides you through your most fragile initial stages and then puts you on the best path for the right recovery distinctly for you. Please call one of our addiction specialists today to find out your options for recovery: 888-590-0777.


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