Types of Treatment for Addiction

  There are many options for treatment of addiction. They include various therapeutic approaches, such as Behavioral therapies, medications, therapeutic communities, and Twelve-step facilitation therapy. This article will discuss some of the most common types of treatment for addiction and the differences between these approaches. Moreover, you’ll learn how to choose the right treatment program for your […]

Getting Help For Addiction

If you are struggling with an addiction, you may wonder what you can do to help them. Here are some tips: Treatment options There are different treatment options for addiction, and the type you need depends on the extent of your problem. Treatment in a residential center usually lasts six to twelve months, and it helps to […]

Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse

Mental health issues and substance use disorders can be correlated to one another. The symptoms may range from mood disorders to psychotic disorders. Personality and behavior disorders are also explored. Self-tests and quizzes can help detect substance abuse. The symptoms of mental health disorders may help identify the risk for addiction. If any of the symptoms are […]

Addiction Recovery – Tips For Recovering From Substance Abuse

Addiction Recovery is an ongoing process involving psychotherapy and medical treatment. This process treats the dependency on alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs. In some cases, rehabilitation is the only way to permanently cure the person of their addiction. Here are some tips for rehabilitation. Read on to learn more. Getting the treatment you need is […]

Drug Detox and Co-Occurring Disorders

  When is it appropriate to seek Drug Detox? Generally, drug detoxification is a life-saving intervention when physical dependence has developed to a point that drug-free life is impossible. It also treats the symptoms of drug withdrawal syndrome and is used for acute drug overdoses. Read on to learn more about the process and who […]

Things to Expect During Medically Assisted Alcohol Detox

When considering medically assisted alcohol detox, you may want to look into motivational counseling. During this process, the counselor can help you develop positive expectations about the detox. He or she will also discuss the detox and the medications the physician will prescribe. Motivational counseling is often helpful during detox, but it is not always necessary. It […]

Detox and Treatment For Drug Addiction

There are three basic forms of detoxification – Medically supervised, Self-detox, and Abstinence only. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Detox and treatment differ according to the type of drug used. During the first phase, medications are prescribed to prevent or minimize the effects of withdrawal symptoms. The purpose of this stabilization stage is to ensure medical stability during […]

Drug Detox Symptoms

                                      A successful drug detox can be a transformative experience. When combined with a structured rehabilitation program, drug rehab can allow a person to return to productive functioning within their family, work, school, and community. However, addiction is like […]

Choosing a Treatment Program for Addiction

  Choosing a Treatment Program for addiction should involve evaluating the needs of the client and determining the resources available to help the client overcome their addiction. A good program will also identify short-term and long-term objectives and take advantage of the client’s strengths. Here are some key components of a successful treatment plan: Individual therapy When […]

What to Expect From Alcohol Detox

While medical detox is a viable option for some, there are many factors to consider before undergoing the process. Before you decide on a detox program, read this article to get some important information. This article will explain the process of medical detoxification, what to expect during the withdrawal process, and the types of medications […]