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5 Common Reasons for Addiction

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There is no way to pinpoint the cause of drug addiction in an individual and the source of substance use disorder overall. We wish there was. It would be wonderful to discover a particular universal cause. Identify a specific gene. But the reality is, even though we are aware of symptoms and some causal aspects of addiction, they are not guarantees of addiction. some people encounter these causes and do succumb to addiction. Others don’t.

 Unfortunately, substance use disorder is a continually growing problem in our country. Recent decades have seen record numbers of abuse cases and abuse-related deaths due to alcohol, drug, and opioid misuse. It has left many professionals and families questioning: With all the education available, why do people even start using? Here are a few of the more common places addiction will find its origins.

Why People Abuse Drugs

There are many reasons why a person may begin using addictive substances. Here are a few primary common ones as identified through research carried out by recovery centers and therapists who have worked with addicts first-hand.

  • Trauma:

A traumatic experience can leave an individual feeling alone, hopeless, angry, guilty, or lost in life. This can include the death of a loved one, or even the loss of a job. It is “an incident that causes physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological harm.” The instability and insecurity they feel as a result can lead them to use alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism or an escape.

  • Peer Pressure:

Peer pressure still exists and is still a very common impetus for people, especially younger people, to begin a lifelong relationship with drugs and alcohol. People often feel they need to drink or use drugs to be entertaining or to “fit in” to the crowd. Their friends may dare them into using it or mock them for not doing so.

  • Medical Conditions:

Many addictions begin as a doctor prescribed medications. Opioids are commonly prescribed (and over-prescribed) to alleviate pain. However, the CDC believes opioids are so powerful that once a person makes use of these medications for longer than three days, an addiction could develop. Since on average a prescription lasts over a week, you can see where the epidemic has happened.

  • Self-Medication:

Many times, people who are suffering from a physical (or emotional) ailment who cannot afford to go to the doctor or who do not want to go to the doctor will self-medicate by illegally acquiring drugs or alcohol. They may see this as a way to give them an escape, or help them relieve pain but it can quickly get out of hand.

  • Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mental Illness:

Mental illness is very common in individuals with substance use disorder. Depression, and anxiety in particular. Individuals with these issues often turn to drugs or alcohol to alleviate their discomfort and suffering. The problem is that it works. And it becomes a psychological and physical necessity in a person’s life.

 To reiterate, there is no single reason for substance use disorder to take hold. The sources are as diverse as the number of people in the world. However, these are some origin clues to be aware of. In the same vein, there is no single magic treatment formula that works for every person. Recovery is an intensely individual process. There are, however, some treatments that have been backed by research and experience.

Getting Help With Addiction in Orange County, California

At SoCal Detox, located in San Clemente, California, we make use of these treatments and create an individualized program for each client that comes in. In fact, our clinical programs are more involved than most detox only facilities out there. Plus we always walk our clients to the next step with care, compassion, and clarity.

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug use and addiction, please call us today. We are here to help you take the first step in your journey to full recovery. Call: 888-590-0777.

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