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Why You Need Detox If You Are Quitting Benzos

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Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs that are commonly prescribed to people who are suffering from anxiety disorders, panic attacks or other similar mood disorders. Also known as benzos, drugs such as Xanax and Ambien are very effective for short-term use and as a part of a long-term plan of recovery. While these drugs can be of tremendous benefit, they are also highly addictive–and people who become addicted to benzos can find it very difficult to quit these drugs. If you or a loved one has become addicted to Xanax or other anti-anxiety medications in the benzodiazepine family, the road to long-term recovery begins by successfully completing treatment through a reputable benzo detox facility.

Why Do I Need Benzo Detox?

If you are looking for help for your benzo addiction, you may be wondering why you first need to undergo treatment at a benzodiazepine detox center. You may feel that you can detox on your own by quitting these drugs cold turkey or by using various over-the-counter products to create your own self-detoxification regimen. While these self-administered methods of detox can be appealing, you are running a substantial risk of developing serious health complications–and the withdrawal symptoms that you will experience Have the potential to be life threatening.

Benzos substantially increase the levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. Dopamine acts as a “natural high” and it acts upon brain regions that regulate rewards and how we feel pleasure. When these drugs are used for long periods of time and without strict medical supervision,  these drugs can shut down the body’s dopamine manufacturing centers. For people who chronically abuse benzos such as Xanax, the drug will eventually take over all dopamine production in the body. In these cases, the only way dopamine will be produced at all is through the continued use of the drug, and users will experience an increased physical and psychological dependence When people abruptly quit using benzos, they can experience severe withdrawal symptoms that can be felt within a few hours after their last dose.

These withdrawal symptoms have enormous impacts on an individual’s heartbeat and breathing.  Additional withdrawal symptoms can include sweating, nausea, vomiting, depression and tremors. Because of the enormous health risks involved in benzo withdrawal, trying methods of self-detox or quitting “cold turkey” is highly unadvisable. To truly break free from benzo addiction, you need to withdraw from them safely and under the close supervision of experienced medical personnel. You can find this level of care and compassion at an Orange County benzodiazepine detox center like SoCal Detox.

How To Detox Safely from Benzodiazepines

stethoscopeIf you are struggling with an addiction to benzodiazepines and are looking quit these drugs for good, the safest method to minimize the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that you can experience is through a gradual tapering down of these drugs. To help minimize those symptoms, experienced detox staff can administer specific medications that are from the benzodiazepine family such as Klonopin or Tegretol. Detox staff will administer these drugs in a highly controlled environment, and these medications will be carefully tapered down as withdraw symptoms begin to subside in order to lessen the risk of addiction.

Besides medication therapy, detox treatment staff can employ a variety of other interventions so that you will be able to regain your physical and mental vitality such as nutritional therapy and exercise therapy.  In addition to helping you deal with the withdrawal process in a safe manner, detox staff will also conduct comprehensive medical and mental evaluations to uncover any co-occurring disorders that may complicate the recovery process. These findings will allow staff to create an initial treatment plan that will include the proper mental health interventions once you are ready to transition into drug treatment.

It is very important to realize the benzo detox does not constitute drug treatment. Detoxification will help you overcome the physical aspects of addiction, but you will need the intensive structure of residential treatment in order to address and overcome the psychological aspects of benzo addiction. This comprehensive approach will give you the tools, support and encouragement you need to achieve and maintain a meaningful long-term recovery

Do You Need Professional Help In Order to Overcome Your Benzo Addiction? Call SoCal Detox Today!

When you are ready and willing to get help for your benzo addiction, your best choice for quality detox services is SoCal Detox Center. The experienced detox professional who work at our Orange County benzodiazepine detox center will provide you compassionate care around-the-clock. You will not only receive the help you need to make the withdrawal process as comfortable as possible, you will receive comprehensive medical and psychological care so they your entry into drug treatment is a success. Call SoCal Detox Center today and make your recovery a reality–starting right now.

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