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6 Reasons to Send Your Teen To Rehab

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Your teenage son or daughter is struggling with substance abuse, and you may feel that you are running out of options. You have begged, pleaded, cried and even threatened your teen in the hopes of turning their behavior around but nothing has worked–and your child is spiraling further into addiction. You are desperate to get your child the help and support they need in order to overcome their substance abuse, and you know that drug treatment may be your best and only hope. Addiction is a complex disease, and it requires the professional help of experienced personnel who understand the unique and specific needs of your teenager.

The following are 6 reasons why you should send your teen to rehab. If your teenage son or daughter has a substance abuse issue and you need quality detox services, call SoCal Detox today.

6 Reasons to Send Your Teenager to Drug Treatment

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1. Radical and Extreme Behavior

You need to send your teenager to drug rehab if their behavior has become radical, extreme and even dangerous. While defiance and rebellion come part and parcel in dealing with a teenager, drug abuse magnifies these behaviors exponentially. When your child in under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they may not acknowledge or communicate with you, Any communication that may occur is short and confrontational. If this behavior is occurring, it is time to seek the help of a drug rehab center.

2. Trying to Help Your Teen on Your Own Hasn’t Worked

Like many parents of addicted teenagers, you may have tried to intervene at home without the use of therapists or other addiction treatment staff. You may have tried tough love techniques and home detoxification methods thinking it would stop their substance abuse. In reality, your teen will find ways to get the drugs they need, and it can create a situation at home that is dysfunctional and dangerous to both your teen and your entire family. Since addiction is a complex disorder with a variety of social, environmental and biological factors, the professional staff of a quality drug treatment facility can better address those issues in an environment which is safe, secure and free of the temptations and distractions of the home environment.

3. Your Family Unit Has Become Severely Dysfunctional

Addiction is a family disease, and the attitudes and behaviors of those who are addicted to substances severely impact the ways in which each member of the family communicates and interacts with each other. Because of the attention the addict receives and the enabling behavior that can accompany that attention, members of the family may grow bitter, jealous and resentful towards the addict and other family members. Drug treatment facilities offer family therapy and programs that will help the family as a whole heal and work together to create a healthier and more nurturing environment.

4. Family Members Are Turning to Substances

As stated in the last point, when someone in the family is addicted to drugs and alcohol, they will receive the lion’s share of attention. For other family members–especially younger family members–the lack of attention can be too much to bear. As a result, they may model the behavior of an older sibling who is addicted to substances thinking they will receive the attention they deserve. If other family members are turning to drugs and alcohol as a means to get attention or to cope with the stress that comes with addiction in the family, you need to seek professional help.

5. Your Teen is Facing Serious Consequences

When teens use drugs, they often act recklessly and impulsively while under the influence. Some examples of these types of behavior include drunk driving, stealing, robbery, assault and battery and unsafe sex. These behaviors often meet with significant consequences. If your teen is beginning to face serious consequences as a result of their actions, it is time to send them to rehab.

6. Health Issues

A teenager’s body and brain are still a work in progress. When they engage in drug and alcohol use, the chemicals and toxins in these substances can do significant physical and mental damage. Not only are teens more likely to develop long-standing health problems, have a higher risk at developing mental illness, and in the worst case scenario that can die from poisoning.

If Your Teen is Struggling with Addiction, SoCal Detox Can Help

Addiction among teenagers is devastating on their health and well-being. If you are a parent that is looking for treatment for your teen, SoCal Detox can help you start on the right foot. We provide quality drug and alcohol detox services that will help minimize the symptoms of withdrawal and help get your teen to a stable and substance-free state. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, safe and secure. Don’t wait another minute; your teen’s health and life are at stake.

Call SoCal Detox today and begin the process of healing.

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