One of the most common medical issues that people face in their daily lives is their inability to get a good night’s sleep. For those who suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea and other related conditions, the prescribing of medications is a major component of treatment. Ambien is one of the most common sedatives that are is prescribed to help combat sleep disorders. Ambien is highly effective, but it also has a high potential for abuse and addiction. For those who struggle with a dependence or addiction to Ambien, the first step in the recovery process is undergoing treatment at an Ambien detox center.

What is Ambien and How Does It Work?

Ambien belongs to a family of drugs that are known as sedativehypnotics. Ambien is a central nervous sedative and slows down brain functioning. The drug enhances the effects of the neurotransmitter GABA, which sends chemical messages between cells. Ambien allows for the increase in production of GABA which provides a calming and drowsy effect for those who take the drug. Ambien is fast-acting, and people can feel its effects within 30 minutes.

Signs and Symptoms of Ambien Addiction

Ambien is a powerful prescription sleep aid because of its effectiveness; however, it also is very potent and users can easily become dependent or addicted to the drug if misused or not taken under close medical supervision. The signs and symptoms that Ambien addiction is occurring starts with an increased craving and need for the drug. Users also may start to become emotionally dependent on the effects of Ambien.

In addition to cravings and tolerance, users can also experience physical symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue and impaired muscle coordination. Additionally, users who become dependent on Ambien may experience short-term memory loss, delusions, and hallucinations. When dependence and addiction occur, it is important to seek help immediately through an Ambien detox center.

Why Detox is Necessary for Ambien Withdrawal

For those who wish to break free from their addiction to Ambien, the detoxification process is often met with apprehension. For many who are addicted to drugs like Ambien, they fear the pain and discomfort of withdrawal and as a result, they may seek alternative detox methods. While self-detox methods may seem more appealing, they can also be dangerous. Without the close professional supervision that is offered at an Orange County Ambien detox center, the withdrawal symptoms that you experience has the potential to be life-threatening—especially if you have underlying issues.

While the withdrawal process can be painful and uncomfortable to endure, the staff at a quality Ambien detox center in Orange County employs a wide variety of treatment options that will help minimize the physical and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal. Additionally, you will be able to detox safely in an environment which is clean, safe, inviting and has around-the-clock supervision

How SoCal Detox Center Manages Ambien Detox

When you come to SoCal Detox Center to undergo treatment for your Ambien addiction, we manage the detox process in three ways. First, we will utilize a variety treatment plans that will ease the discomfort of withdrawal and allow your body to gradually get rid of the drug in a more natural way. This can be accomplished by gradually lowering the dose of Ambien. No matter what method is used, our treatment staff will ensure that the tapering process is done in a manner that will give your body sufficient time to heal.

Secondly, staff will perform a comprehensive physical and mental health evaluation in order to diagnose any co-occurring disorders that may be present. With proper diagnosis, treatment staff can create an initial and individualized treatment plan that will be put into use once you enter intensive, inpatient-based drug treatment. Lastly, you will be prepared to make the transition over to drug treatment once you are substance-free and stabilized. It is important to note that detox is not a drug treatment program. Detox is an essential part of a specific drug treatment plan.

Put an End to Your Ambien Addiction at Our Orange County Ambien Detox Center

Many who use Ambien think they won’t get addicted because it is prescribed by a doctor. However, dependence and addiction does occur with Ambien, and if you or a loved one are struggling to stop you need to seek help immediately. When you come to SoCal Detox Center, our experienced staff will ensure that your withdrawal experience will be as comfortable and safe as possible. With proven detox methods, 24-hour professional supervision and a facility that is safe and secure, SoCal Detox Center is your first choice when you take your first step towards long-term recovery.

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