Prescription painkillers such as Vicodin are among the most popular and prescribed by doctors to help ease the pain associated with major medical procedures. When used as prescribed and taken under strict medical supervision, Vicodin is extremely effective in treating pain and can be part of a comprehensive pain management treatment plan. Many who take Vicodin may feel that the drug is “safe” because it is prescribed by a doctor, but in reality Vicodin is extremely potent and has a high potential for dependency and addiction if misused.

For those who find themselves physically and psychologically addicted to Vicodin, the first step in the recovery process is undergoing Vicodin detox from a reputable detox center. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to Vicodin and are looking for a Vicodin detox center in Orange County, call SoCal Detox Center today.

What is Vicodin and Why is it So Addictive?

Vicodin is a prescription painkiller that contains the active ingredients hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is a potent narcotic that can also be found as the active ingredient in other popular painkillers such as Zohydro. Acetaminophen is added in order to enhance the effects of hydrocodone. Vicodin relieves pain by acting on the central nervous vicatinsystem and it changes the way our mind and body perceives pain by lessening its effects.

Vicodin has a high potential for addiction because of hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is a powerful synthetic opiate that produces powerful sedating effects on both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Not only does hydrocodone minimize pain, but it produces deep feelings of calm and euphoria. The longer someone takes Vicodin, you will need to take more of the drug in order to feel those desired effects Once tolerance is built up to Vicodin, addictive behaviors will soon occur.

Signs & Symptoms of Vicodin Addiction

The onset of addiction symptoms depend on the length of use, the frequency of use and the amount of Vicodin taken. In general, those addicted to Vicodin can experience extreme mood swings and can cycle between euphoria and anxiety without warning. Those addicted to the drug will often experience physical symptoms such as impaired coordination, an inability to focus, headaches, nausea, vomiting and in worse case scenarios can experience seizures.

The psychological effects of Vicodin addiction can lead people to “doctor shop” where they will visit multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions for the drug. Additionally, users may go to great lengths to self-injure so they can be admitted to the emergency room in order to get prescriptions for Vicodin. Once users experience these effects, they must enter Vicodin detox in order to effectively begin the recovery process.

The Importance of Properly Detoxing From Vicodin

While it may be appealing to try self-detox methods when trying to quit Vicodin, going through the withdrawal process without proper professional supervision can be dangerous to your health. The common withdrawal symptoms associated with Vicodin include the following:

  • Muscle aches and pain
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Profuse sweating

While these withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening, they can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, and without proper care and supervision you can return to active use and your addiction will become worse over time. When you undergo detox treatment at an Orange County Vicodin detox center, the withdrawal process can be handled in a safe manner in an environment which is both secure and supervised by experienced staff.

How SoCal Detox Manages Vicodin Withdrawal

SoCal Detox Center employs a comprehensive approach that is effective in helping you detox from Vicodin safely. First, we utilize guided, supervised treatment to help minimize withdrawal symptoms. Along with this and a gradual tapering method, your body will gradually get rid of the drug until you become substance free. Since Vicodin is used for the management of chronic pain, SoCal Detox Center will create a pain management program that will utilize non-addictive medications, nutritional interventions and other therapies that will help you handle your pain

Additionally, detox staff will evaluate you for any issues that often are the underlying causes of your addiction. If any co-occurring disorders are diagnosed, our experienced detox staff will create an individualized treatment plan that will address these issues. Once you are truly substance free and stable, the staff at SoCal Detox Center will help you transition into formal drug treatment.

Break Free From Your Vicodin Addiction with Help from Our Orange County Vicodin Detox Programman smiling

Vicodin addiction can have devastating effects on your life, your family and others that you love. When you are looking for help to break the cycle of abuse, the first and most important step
you need to take is to seek treatment at a Vicodin detox center. If you are looking for the best Vicodin detox center in Orange County, SoCal Detox Center should be at the top of your list. Our experienced staff utilizes a variety of effective and proven therapies and techniques that will make your detox experience tolerable and safe.

No matter how deep you are in your addiction, you can count on the experience and compassion of our detox staff to restore your physical health and motivate you to fully recover from the effects of Vicodin addiction. Don’t wait another day; call SoCal Detox Center and take back control of your life.