Crack-cocaine is one of the most addictive illicit drugs available. With this potent drug, many users become addicted after one use, and most become addicted in a matter of days. For those who use the drug, crack-cocaine offers an extreme but short-lived high that lasts for a few minutes but quickly subsides. As a result, users experience an intense depression and need more crack and can spend hundreds of dollars in a day on their addiction.

Crack-cocaine addiction is powerful and if you or a loved one are caught in its’ web, you need to seek help and treatment immediately! If you are truly willing and ready to make the commitment to get clean and sober, the first step in the recovery process is to undergo crack-cocaine detox. SoCal Detox is a premier crack-cocaine detox center in Orange County that utilizes proven and safe detox programs to restore your health and life. Call us today and start your recovery now!

Signs of Crack-Cocaine Addictioncrack cocaine

For those who are addicted to crack-cocaine, the signs of addiction are very apparent and unsettling. For example, crack users experience extreme and often violent moods swings and users will engage in risky behaviors while on the drug. Another tell-tale sign of addiction is the obsessive thoughts centered on obtaining and using crack and employing any means necessary to obtain the drug. Additionally, crack addiction causes intense twitching or muscle tremors, dramatically increases heart rate and many chronic users have significant problems with balance and coordination. In worst case scenarios, those who are addicted to crack-cocaine can suffer heart attacks which can lead to death.

Crack-Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

For those who seek to quit using the drug, the withdrawal symptoms they experience are immediate, powerful and unbelievably nightmarish. This is especially true of the psychological symptoms of withdrawal which can include intense anxiety and tremors in the beginning of the withdrawal process to periods of psychosis and hallucinations as the withdrawal process progresses. Perhaps one of the most intense withdrawal symptoms crack-cocaine users face are cravings.

The user’s body has become so accustomed to functioning while on the drug that when it is taken away the body literally will not function without the substance. When crack-cocaine is no longer present in the body, it will send signals to the brain demanding that the addict use more crack in order to return to normal. These withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening and requires the expert supervision and help that can be provided by an Orange County crack-cocaine detox center.

While many users may feel they can kick their crack habit on their own, these methods are highly unadvisable and can lead to serious medical and mental health complications—and it can even lead to death. With the help of a crack-cocaine detox center such as SoCal Detox, the pain and discomfort of withdrawal will be minimized and you can receive the help you need in a safe and secure environment.

How SoCal Detox Manages Crack-Cocaine Detox

Given the serious nature of withdrawal associated with crack-cocaine, SoCal Detox employs a proven and strict three point method in addressing the withdrawal process. The detoxification process will take place gradually in order to allow your woman with doctor
body and mind the time it needs to return to normal functioning.

Our experienced staff will conduct a thorough evaluation in order to diagnose any co-occurring disorders that could lie at the root of your addiction. If these disorders are discovered, staff will devise a treatment plan that will address these underlying issues and it will serve as a base plan when you enter drug treatment. Once you have achieved a state where you are both substance free and are stable, SoCal Detox will prepare you to enter intensive drug treatment.

Stop Crack-Cocaine Addiction with Help from SoCal Detox

Crack-cocaine addiction can do unthinkable things to your body, mind and life. Making the commitment to get clean and sober is perhaps the most important decision you can make in your life, and that commitment starts with crack-cocaine detox. As one of the premier detox facilities in all of Orange County, SoCal Detox features safe and effective detox programs that will free you from your physical dependence of crack-cocaine. Our expert staff will create an individualized treatment plan centered on your unique detox and treatment needs, and will be available 24 hours a day to ensure your well-being.

Your recovery awaits you! Call SoCal Detox today!!