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SoCal Detox Calls for High Ethical Standards

On Tuesday, June 13, 2107, Sovereign Health in San Clemente was raided by 40 federal agents. This alarming event has occurred during a period of time when the Southern California recovery industry (addiction treatment centers, detoxification centers, and other chemical dependency programs) has been under much scrutiny and media investigation for ethical standards. Unfortunately, for good reason. Here at SoCal Detox, when we hear of unethical activities that have occurred in other treatment centers, we are deeply saddened by the news. Everything from insurance fraud to what has been called “body brokering,” a situation where an addict is

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8 Inspiring Recovery Quotes To Help You Through Your Day

It doesn't matter how long we have been clean and sober we are, there are moments in our recovery where we may lose faith in our recovery. While those moments can be overwhelming and even a bit frightening to experience, we can rely on our life and coping skills to get through those darker hours. Drawing strength from inspiring recovery quotes and sayings is a common trick that is used to reignite motivation and confidence. It can sound a bit silly to some, but when we are working to maintain our hard-fought sobriety, we need to use every tool

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