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What Does a Quality Drug and Alcohol Detox Program Consist Of?

 The number one goal of anyone who is seeking help for their drug addiction is to achieve long-term recovery. In order to reach that ultimate goal is to think of the recovery process as a series of important steps that must be completed.  During the early stages of the recovery process, undergoing medical detoxification is something that can’t be skipped over or ignored. Many (if not all) substances have substantial withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable, painful and even life-threatening if not treated. By completing drug and alcohol detox, the symptoms associated with withdrawal would be minimized and it

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Heroin Addiction on the Rise in Southern California

The dramatic surge in heroin addiction and overdose deaths has dominated the national headlines. In 28 states, heroin deaths have doubled in the last few years and lawmakers, law enforcement and concerned citizens alike have been working non-stop to come up with ways to slow the epidemic. While there have been considerable measures taken in order to get help to those who need it the most, heroin use has continued to be a significant health concern. The devastating effects of heroin addiction is also being felt in Southern California. An increasing number of teens and adults in southern California are using

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