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How To Avoid a Relapse This Holiday Season

The holidays are the time of year when family and friends gather together to eat, drink and be merry. While this time of year is filled with merriment and love, it can also be one of great anxiety for those early in recovery. Holiday parties, family get-togethers and other social functions are filled with triggers and temptations that can lead to relapse. Whether you are new to recovery or have some substantial clean and sober time under your belt, it is important to be aware of all the issues that can surface when the holiday season approaches. With some thought

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The Dangers of Detoxing From Alcohol

For those people who drink alcohol on a regular and excessive basis, over a period of time they will develop a dependence to the drug and even an addiction to alcohol. When they decide to quit drinking, they will experience a series of physical and psychological symptoms that are associated with withdrawal. When these symptoms occur, a person's first instinct is to try and ride out these symptoms on their own. While quitting cold turkey or utilizing other self-detoxification remedies may seem like a logical idea, alcohol detoxification is serious, and the withdrawal symptoms that are encountered have

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8 Inspiring Recovery Quotes To Help You Through Your Day

It doesn't matter how long we have been clean and sober we are, there are moments in our recovery where we may lose faith in our recovery. While those moments can be overwhelming and even a bit frightening to experience, we can rely on our life and coping skills to get through those darker hours. Drawing strength from inspiring recovery quotes and sayings is a common trick that is used to reignite motivation and confidence. It can sound a bit silly to some, but when we are working to maintain our hard-fought sobriety, we need to use every tool

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5 Celebrities in Recovery in Southern California

Celebrities....they are just like us. When you read the above statement, you may shake your head and even smile a little. On the surface, there seems to be little in common between us commoners and those who are A-listers. While we may not have the padded bank account, famous friends and jetset lifestyle that celebrities possess, there are obviously things that we have in common with those who are famous. Like everybody, celebrities are confronted with the pressures to succeed in their daily life and have to find ways to cope with those pressures. While many celebrities find healthy ways to cope

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Prescription Pill Addiction Turning into Heroin Addiction

In the past few years, America has been in the grips of a drug epidemic that seems to be growing worse by the day. Lawmakers, law enforcement, addiction professionals and concerned citizens alike are engaging in great debate in trying to find ways to stem the tide of drug abuse. No two drugs have garnered more attention in these debates than prescription medications and heroin. Highly addictive and extremely dangerous, the abuse of these two substances is widespread, and in certain parts of the country these drugs have destroyed lives and families. To make matters worse, prescription pill and heroin addiction

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