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group therapy in detox

Benefits of Group Therapy During Detox

There are many approaches to recovery and addiction treatment. Every person is unique and each one can respond differently to depending on their personal history, temperament, and more. Some need the steps; some can’t find help in that environment. Some like working with animals, and some get nothing from spending time with horses. However, despite all the different ways to work through recovery, there is one thing just about everyone agrees on … you can’t do it alone.

People in recovery from substance use disorders and looking for relief from drug or alcohol addiction need community. And even though it is not as widely practiced, this truth is just as important in a detox situation.

Detox Is Priority

The first directive of a person’s time in detox is to detox. A good detox facility will do everything to facilitate this process. This is actually why groups are necessary. (There may be unique instances where group activities hinder the detox process. However, a good facility will always make room for exceptions to any “rule.”) Here are a few ways groups are vital to a good detox situation.

Detox Education Group

Many group sessions in detox are essentially educational. The reality is that most people who have become addicted to a substance—drugs or alcohol—have no idea what is happening to their bodies and psychologies. Everything from the physical effects to the neurological to the behavioral ones. Each aspect of addiction has a consequence. And when we learn about how they create a dependence and influence our behaviors we are empowered to understand how to effectively work for full, lasting recovery. As well as the “why” of our treatments.

Testing Skills Early

In residential treatment, individuals learn skills to help them cope with their triggers, handle stress, and even interact with others in a healthy manner. If you are in a situation where you can  begin learning these skills and putting them to the test in your detox environment, it will make your recovery that much more meaningful and helpful. It’s like getting a kick-start to deeper recovery—one that may even position you as a leader in the next stage of treatment.

Creating Community

The reality is, it’s tough for anyone to understand what is happening in the body and mind of a person in the grips of addiction. Anyone, that is, other than people who have gone through it themselves. When you are part of a group in drug or alcohol detox, you are in a place where you are understood.

As well you understand others. There is no stigma. There is nowhere you have to hide. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Often, the first time a client takes part in a group session in detox is the first time they feel as though they were able to be honest in years.

Beyond that, these relationships often carry on beyond detox. Groups in detox can become the bedrock of future support systems that help hold you up in the days, weeks, months, years ahead.

Evidence Based Group Treatment

These reasons should be enough, but along with them, group therapy in detox is has evidence that it makes a difference. This is why SoCal Detox in San Clemente, California, offers more group options than other detox facilities. As well SoCal makes further efforts to individualize the program, so each person is prepared for the next stage of recovery with as many tools as possible.

Absolutely, detox is the priority at SoCal Detox. And because of this, groups are a priority as well. If you or your loved one are looking for treatment that considers each individual and makes use of the best tools available, please call us today. One of our addiction specialists would be happy to explain more about our unique program.

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Detox Away From Home

Why Drug or Alcohol Detox Away From Your Home Town?

Although selecting a detox program and the right facility is a difficult decision, choosing to leave a home area or even a home state for treatment is often a wise decision. Even though “home” (or home area) feels safe and comfortable, home is also the place where an addiction was able to build. Most likely unchecked.

Eventually coming back home with a completely new outlook will be the ultimate goal of any addiction treatment program. However, sometimes getting out of the original environment is the right move to find a fresh start.

While the daunting idea of detox might be even a bit more daunting with the possibility of traveling to a new area, consider the benefits. Here are some more specifics on why a fresh start with new surroundings might be a good way to go for you or a loved one looking or addiction treatment.

Full Attention on Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is an involved process that includes multiple therapies, group work, individual treatment, and more. It takes focus. And sometimes being close to home becomes a distraction. Beyond that, a person in treatment is often reevaluating much of their identity and life-approaches. Being away from familiar people, places and things often offers positive space for that kind of personal growth and self-discovery.

Stick It Out

One of the biggest realities of successful treatment is that you have to complete the program to get the results. Simple enough, but that is the baseline for any lasting recovery. Treatment can be a tough road with many variables, but the one way to guarantee that it will NOT work is to leave.

When a person gets treatment away from home, the simple fact of distance helps alleviate the option of dropping out. For a person in the midst of the real work of recovery, there are definitely highs and lows. However being a thousand miles from home makes sticking it out that much more of a viable option.

Detox Away From Triggers

Traveling to get treatment removes the person from negative influences as well as the triggers that might be at the root of their addiction. Triggers are anything in a person’s life that could cause them to desire to return to their substance use. This includes people, settings, attitudes … even songs and TV shows can have a trigger effect.

To give a person looking for treatment the best shot at recovery, it’s a good idea to get them away from the things in their lives that have become associated with their former habits. In treatment they will be given the tools to handle the triggers, but while in detox it’s a good idea to simply get them out of the old space.

Get Away From Family

This might be tough to hear if your loved one is in need of treatment, but sometimes the family contributes to the problem. It might be dysfunctional dynamics or even enabling. Or it might just be the connection to years of a dangerous habit. Whatever it is, family and close friends can complicate matters. And in early recovery/detox that’s the last thing a person needs. Often a new environment fosters the growth with a new support network and can help move an individual further down the road to real, lasting change. That way their return to family will be on new terms with new hope for a fresh start.

A New Outlook: Detox in Orange County, California

Health, purpose, and passion can be part of recovery. Traveling to a new destination to achieve these results is made easier by detox in a serene and peaceful surrounding. Being in another state or beautiful surroundings can be the key to a healthier attitude and peace.

SoCal Detox is an ideal place to get away from a negative setting and begin to make lasting change. Our program makes use of professional, monitored detox in combination with preparation methods that help individuals move to the next level of care with individual attention to each client. As well, our beautiful setting in a beach city and moderate climate ensure that our residents are comfortable in one of the most important stages of their new lives.

*We have gender specific detox facilities for both men and women.

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