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sober is beautiful

How Sobriety Is Beautiful

As we have discussed previously, getting clean from drugs and alcohol is a whole-life transformation. There are plenty of concrete benefits to finding lasting recovery. With those things in mind, as well as being a drug and alcohol detox located in Orange County, California, we are very aware many other benefits of recovery. One of them being an overall attractiveness that comes with sobriety. More than just a pretty face, though your body displays your overall health. And health is beautiful. Here are a few ways your healing will affect your looks once you decide to get your body off the horrible effects of drugs and alcohol.


Let’s start with the obvious one.

Alcohol: with alcohol you are probably going to lose weight. Now, this is not to say that beauty only belongs to the thin. But it is almost always healthy to loose a bit of weight. And a less-rotund face in the mirror is usually a welcomed sight. That said, it’s not uncommon for a person with an alcohol addiction to drink over 1,000 calories a day. Think about that. Men typically need about 2,500 calories per day to maintain a healthy body weight. People with alcohol use disorder are adding nearly an extra third the total diet of a healthy man in their bodies every day. Just by what they drink. When you get clean, your waistline will show some fairly substantial changes.

Drugs: With drugs, you are probably going to put a few pounds on. Which is probably a very good thing. A person with a drug addiction will typically be malnourished. And that does not look good. Your body has been neglected, and it’s exhausted. Sadly for some, the addition of weight is a deterrent to getting off drugs, but read on for why that should be the last thing you are thinking.

Topical Issues

There are other very specific benefits to sobriety that have distinct physical effects. Both alcohol and many types of drugs give you dull skin. Plus the addictive lifestyle will take a toll are your hair, your teeth, your nose (especially if you are inhaling [ie. snorting] drugs), and your overall physique. You might be surprised at the many details that work together to create a better-looking overall you.

Sobriety Brings Energy

When you get clean, you will find that you have good clean energy. When your body is filled with good nutrition and getting the rest it needs and being replenished in ways it hasn’t in years, the result is a happy body. Now, this might not be the case right away. Your body has some work to do. It may feel like you are run down for a couple of weeks. This is common. But soon your energy levels will be higher. 


This means you will finally have the wherewithal to begin to exercise—the benefits of which in recovery are numerous. So, once you make the decision to go to detox and subsequent residential treatment, make sure you build the healthy habit of learning how to exercise (yoga is particularly beneficial to individuals in recovery). This will affect just about every aspect of your life and it will help you look good, too.

Emotional Power

Possibly the most attractive aspect of a person in recovery is the fact that they are getting completely healthy. This is full recovery. Recovery is so much more than just physical addiction to drugs and alcohol. Finding healing for mental illness, discovering (and confronting) psychological needs and destructive habits, coming to terms with trauma and life circumstances … these are all beautiful things. They are attractive aspects that contribute to full beauty.

When you are clean, you are able to love your life, to chase your passions, to regain your spirituality, to look good, and feel good. All of this combined with the physical benefits to sobriety; these are the reasons sobriety is beautiful. They are the reason sobriety makes you better looking.

The first step to a full and beautiful life of sobriety is a high-quality detox. SoCal Detox in San Clemente, California, has an experienced team to help you or your loved one take the initial movement toward lasting recovery. To find out more about your options and the path toward sobriety please call one of our addiction specialists, today: 888-590-0777.

using insurance for detox

Using Insurance for Detox in Orange County California

Finding treatment for addiction can be one of the most overwhelming things for a person to go through. It is difficult to finally come to the understanding that help is necessary and a new life might be possible. And beyond that, discerning all the levels of care that are necessary and finding the right program—these are seemingly monumental tasks. On top of it all, you have to figure out the cost of treatment.

SoCal Detox is located in San Clemente, California, and we are very aware of the cost prohibitive aspects of individuals looking for help for freedom from an addiction. Ideally, if you are looking for treatment, you would call us. Each person’s treatment needs are unique, so individualized plans are always necessary.

But here is a quick rundown of your options, if you are looking to use insurance for drug or alcohol detox in Orange County or if you are looking for other possible payment avenues.

Health Insurance

Typically, using insurance is the best option. Most health insurance plans cover some or all of detox and a certain amount of residential treatment. Private insurances or insurance through a person’s employment is going to be the most likely to cover the highest amount of treatment. As well, a PPO insurance will give you the most flexibility in finding a detox and treatment center that works for you.

If you have an HMO, that is okay. But you will most likely be limited in your options. Some detoxes are in network with certain healthcare programs.

Affordable Health Care

Because of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, Medi-Cal and Medicare options were required to offer some degree of addiction treatment coverage. This is still the case at the beginning of 2018, though it could change. Medi-Cal is the state-funded insurance in California and will usually cover some of the costs to addiction treatment; however, you might be limited in what facilities are available to you.

The key is that every insurance plan is different. It’s a great idea to get as much information as you can. But if you call a treatment center like SoCal Detox, we can help you understand what is available to you and guide you through much of the insurance maze.

No Insurance?

What if you don’t have insurance or, for whatever reason, don’t want to use the insurance you have available. What are your options?

Cash Pay

Paying by cash or credit card is almost always an option. The one reason people choose this is that it offers the most flexibility with the program and facility. Or some individuals who are most concerned with personal privacy also may choose to take this route. Many facilities will offer payment plan options for people looking to pay out of pocket. 

Free Addiction Treatment and Faith-Based Options

There are a certain amount of state-funded and faith-oriented (such as the Salvation Army or free programs available. You can find many of these through SAMHSA’s online search engine. Or if you are looking for help in Orange County or anywhere in Southern California, the addiction specialists at SoCal Detox can help you understand your options there.

Detox and rehab can be an expensive undertaking. We understand that at SoCal Detox, but we go to every effort to make our services available to anyone who needs them. If you are looking for detox and guidance for further drug and alcohol addiction treatment options (either for yourself or for a loved one), please call us today. Our specialists are ready to walk you through all your options. Call SoCal Detox today: 888-590-0777.

Problem With Dry January

The Problem With Dry January

You have probably at least heard of it, if not taken part in it. Dry January, or Drynuary. The idea is to spend the whole month of January without alcohol in order to make up for the indulgences of the holiday season. So nearing the end of the first month of the year, the question has to be asked: Does it work? Well, according to the New York Post and psychologist Ramani Durvasula, Drynuary is just “one more thing for people to fail at.”

Why Dry January Has Pitfalls

Of course, failure can happen on multiple levels for a person trying to cut back on their drinking. Especially if there is an alcohol use disorder in play. In his book on how to quit drinking (The Easy Way to Stop Drinking), Allen Carr equates anyone who partakes in alcohol consumption with a fly on the pitcher plant.

A pitcher plant eats live insects. All types of flying and crawling bugs are attracted to its cupped leaf. It might be smells or actually nectar, but insects are drawn to it. Carr’s point is that once an insect stands on the slope of a pitcher plant, they are already doomed to fall into the liquid at the base of the slope. Once they have landed, they cannot escape. The fly might be obliviously drinking the nectar, but they are slowly and surely falling into the trap.

The Reinforced Myth

Carr uses this as a metaphor for alcohol addiction. He describes that once you have begun drinking, your body gets put in a position like an insect on the pitcher plant. You might not be in the pool of death yet, but once you have landed, it is your ultimate destination.

There are lots of myths involved in alcohol use disorder. One of the more common ones is that alcoholics drink all day long. Every day. The reality is that many people with alcohol use disorder are able to abstain here and there. Even possibly for a full month. A person who partakes in dry January might be able to grit their teeth for 31 days and still have a disorder and need a detox.

The Normalization of Heavy Drinking

Heavy drinking has become pop culture. It has often been part of the college scene, and the sports viewing scene. But now it’s even spread to the women’s get together scene. Anything that encourages drinking all day is normalizing heavy drinking. And heavy drinking is very much like an insect falling face first into the pitcher plant. Part of the psychological problem with washing yourself clean in the waters of a dry month is the justification of really going for it right on the brink. It happens every year the day before the season of fasting known as Lent. This is the day of Mardi Gras. “It’s okay if I have four more drinks … I’m going to quit for a month soon.”

Binging Comes Next

Then what happens after the fast? One thing that science has told us about willpower is that it can be used up. Willpower depletion can be dangerous for a person who has been holding back from drinking for a whole month. Individuals coming off a month-long abstinence, often come back with a vengeance. The initial effects of this are quite dangerous. Binge drinking is a sign of bigger dependency issues, and it can actually be life-threatening. Alcohol poisoning (or overdose) is common with binge drinking. But there is more …

Regulation Troubles

Once, twice, three times … once the binge occurs, people with budding alcohol use disorder may struggle to come back from the initial return to their now-heavier drinking ways. Sometimes this inability to regulate is enough to push an individual over the edge into full-blown alcohol use disorder.

Now, we are not sitting here telling people they should not moderate their alcohol consumption. That is always a good idea. We simply want to make people aware of the possible dangers where alcohol use disorders are involved. Anything that allows a person to continue to deceive themselves about alcohol addiction is not healthy. It is dangerous. Especially if the outcome could lead to binge drinking or unregulated heavy drinking.

Instead, Find Full Transformation

At SoCal Detox we advocate for full life recovery and transformation. If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol and know it, we are can help you engage in real recovery. This is recovery with a hope for a full future, not just white-knuckling it to get to the end of the month. Please call one of our addiction specialists today to get your questions answered and to apply for quick admission: 888-590-0777.

prescription drug addiction

Am I Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

Prescription medications are powerful. And they are useful tools. When used as they have been intended, they can treat or manage diseases as well as offer relief to the symptoms many diseases bring. Prescription drugs can treat such a wide array of ailments and disorders as cancer, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and many more.

As the name indicates, prescription drugs are obtained from a doctor. People can also find these kinds of drugs on the streets, but the addiction typically begins when a person has received a directive from a medical professional to treat an ailment or pain—and a legal prescription. When taken according to the doctor’s instructions, these drugs can offer great relief to difficult illnesses or their side effects.

Concern for Prescription Drugs

When an individual begins to make use of prescription drugs, there is always a possibility that an addiction will follow. The reason for this is that they are addictive and available—at least while the prescription lasts. So if you or your loved one make use of prescription medications, it is vital you stick to the program set up by your trusted medical doctor.

3 Types of Addictive Prescription Drugs

OpioidsOpioids are the most commonly addictive prescription drugs at this point. They are typically prescribed for pain. Examples are Fentanyl, Vicodin, OxyContin, Methadone, among others.

Stimulants – These are typically prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or for attention deficit disorder (ADD). Examples include dextroamphetamine, Ritalin, Phentermine, among others.

Depressants – A person who struggles with a sleep disorder or anxiety or depression will be prescribed a drug in this category. Examples include clonazepam, Valium, Xanax, among others.

When Addiction Begins

Obviously, when a person begins taking a prescription, they are not already addicted. This kind of substance use disorder happens over time. And it is particularly insidious as it can happen with subtle changes, yet it has devastating effects. It’s even more difficult for many to fathom as the drug itself was prescribed by a medical professional.

What to Look For:

If you believe someone you love has developed an addiction to prescription drugs and they need help learning how to understand and overcome their dependence, there are a few things you can look out for.

Behavioral Signs

  • Multiple trips to the doctor
  • Visiting different doctors looking for prescriptions
  • Going through prescriptions quickly
  • Pressing doctors for more (in volume or dosage)
  • Forging or even stealing prescriptions
  • Ordering prescription meds from the Internet

Physical Signs: (these will vary depending on the category of drug)


  • Confusion
  • Constipation
  • Drowsy
  • Euphoria
  • Nausea
  • Slowed Breathing


  • Heart failure
  • High blood pressure
  • Higher temperature
  • Insomnia
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Lower appetite
  • Paranoia
  • Weight loss


  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Poor memory
  • Rapid eye movement
  • Slurred speech

Necessary Detox Step

A person with a prescription drug addiction needs professional help to find a way to find freedom. Almost always, a professionally monitored detox is necessary. Prescription Drug Detox is a treatment that weans a person’s body from the dependence on prescription drugs. It typically involves uncomfortable withdrawals and should always be supervised by an experienced team who can check vitals and manage pain levels. Detox typically takes 7-14 days, and it is during this time that an individual will work with a team of treatment professionals to better understand the depth of the addiction as well as the optimal treatment plan.

Finding Help at an Orange County Detox Facility

Though they can be confusing, devastating, and overwhelming, a prescription drug dependence can be overcome. Recovery is fully possible. With a solid program, the right team of professionals, and great aftercare, people with this kind of addiction can start anew.

If you believe you or someone you love has an addiction to prescription medications but still are not sure, please call us today. Our addiction specialists are compassionate, discrete, and able to help you understand exactly what your options are for treatment. Call now: 888-590-0777.

sobriety and fulfilment

Why Choose Sobriety? Here Are 3 Good Reasons

Traditionally, you have until the epiphany to take down your holiday decorations. It falls 12 days after Christmas (the 12 days of Christmas occur during this time period). But leaving the house lights up after that is bad form. So like many things in life, there is a pause before moving on. On to the next season, on to the next holiday, on to the changes of the New Year. Just like the changing of the season, it’s possible you are in a life pause that coincides with the shifting calendar. You know you that you are lacking fulfillment and need a change of direction but aren’t sure what that actually looks like.

Finally deciding to reach out and get help for a substance use disorder is one of the most courageous acts a person can do. There are many fears and insecurities that are involved in the decision. However, once people find recovery, they finally realize that the grass is actually greener without addiction. Life has more meaning and fulfillment than they could have imagined.

In the past, we have talked about the enjoyment aspect of life once a person has been freed from drug or alcohol addiction. But the fulfillment of a life in recovery goes beyond fun. It includes some of the most important aspects of existence; here are three of them.

  1. Fulfillment in Relationships

Let’s start at one of the most important. Relationships without drugs are how relationships were meant to be. Imagine not having to lie to the people you love. Imagine having more time and attention. Imagine simply caring more. After you have gotten clean, you probably have some reconciliation to do. However, with good treatment, you will learn how to handle that and more. You will learn how to heal the damage that has been done, and in some cases start anew. But for now, know that life after drugs and alcohol is better for your relationships. Your friends, your family, your spouse, all of these people deserve you—clean, sober, and committed.

  1. Fulfillment in Interests and Passions

When your brain started making the dopamine hit from drugs the most important thing in your life, you lost interest in everything else. This is simply one of the ways that drug and alcohol addiction steals life away. You have interests. In fact, you have activities, hobbies, and even spiritual activities that make life worth living. Imagine getting interested in your first loves again. Maybe you loved the outdoors. Maybe you were an artist. Maybe you were passionate about knitting scarves for hairless kittens. Whatever it was, it helped you live deeply. After drugs or alcohol, you will discover these things again, and be better for it.

  1. Financial Fulfillment

Now consider the costs. The price of maintaining an addiction can be catastrophic. Plus, the cost grows with time. Every person with an addiction builds tolerances to the substance they use, so they have to buy more and more. It’s not uncommon for someone with an addiction to be chained to a 100-dollar-a-day habit. This is why crime is common and legal fees tend to mount. Beyond that, there is the reality of job loss and multiple other financial drains. Now imagine saving all that money. Imagine being able to pay rent—on time every month. Imagine keeping your job and even advancing in the workplace. All of this is possible.

Full Recovery

You have more money. You have a renewed interest in the things that bring you joy. Your relationships are on the mend and more meaningful than ever. You are fully prepared to live life. This is recovery.

SoCal Detox, the First Step in Recovery

A high-quality detox is the first step in finding full recovery. SoCal Detox is a premier drug and alcohol detox facility in San Clemente, California, and our detox programs are proven to work, with efficiency and safety. Our experienced treatment staff creates an individualized detox treatment plan that will fit your unique specific needs and give you the best chance of sustaining your sobriety for the long run.

Call one of our addiction specialists to start the admissions process today: 888-590-0777.

beauty of sobriety

Living the Beautiful Life of Recovery: Finding True Enjoyment Without Drugs or Alcohol

The New Year is here, and it’s time to consider some of the more profound aspects of life. Even if it feels a bit cliché, it’s time to do some life-pondering. Setting goals, considering your future … or maybe it’s just wondering how you got here. If you are currently living life in the grips of an addiction, you might even be considering making the one change that will affect everything in your life: getting clean.

If this is you, you are probably also completely torn. In fact, you have likely known for a while that you are throwing your life away. Your relationships are suffering. You live a nearly constant lie. Even your physical health is suffering. You want to quit. And you desperately don’t want to quit. We know. It’s pretty much ubiquitous. People with substance use disorders know it has to end, and at the same time, they don’t want it to end.

Part of the problem is that people feel like if they quit, they will be giving up too much. But the reality is, sobriety is such a beautiful possibility. If only we could see life on the other side, the decision to reach out for addiction help would be so much easier. Though this is not obvious to everyone who is thinking about getting help for their drug or alcohol addiction, sobriety is the beautiful life.

Can Life Be Fun Without Drugs?

This one is a big deal. Most people with a dependence on drugs or alcohol can’t even imagine life without. They believe that if you take away these substances, you take away all enjoyment. Even life’s meaning.

And this is a big deal because it is one of the biggest lies addiction “tells” us.

Fun and Drugs and Alcohol

There is great science that helps us understand what is happening when our brains are being affected by drugs and alcohol. In essence, these substances increase the levels of a naturally-occurring chemical called dopamine. It’s the reward system. And more than simply being the “fun” chemical, this one gets deeper: it is the positive reinforcement neurotransmitter. When you get dopamine, your brain compels you to actively seek out more ways to achieve this sensation. In fact, dopamine can even compel you to want a substance even if you no longer get any pleasure from it.

That can get a bit tedious though. Beyond the science, we need to think this through. If you are addicted to a substance (even if only slightly addicted), you can probably relate. The thought of no longer having a substance in your life, whether it’s illicit (cocaine, heroin, meth, etc.) or legal (alcohol, medical marijuana, pain killers, etc.), sounds horrible. It sounds like sobriety is a life lived denying yourself pleasure. Day after day. Week after week. Having to say “no” to any type of enjoyment. And that sounds like hell. … And it certainly would be.

Again, this is part of the big lie of addiction. Your brain believes that drugs are necessary for fun. The truth is, enjoyment is readily available without any added chemicals. In fact, fun without drugs is how fun was meant to be. Think back to when you were growing up. You were able to have full enjoyment in life without any kind of additional substance. And as far away as that seems right now, that zeal for life without any kind of substance is still possible.

Hollow Joy

Think about what brings you joy in your addiction. Does it fulfill you on the deepest levels? Are there overall wonderful benefits that point to higher meaning and profound truth? Of course not. The enjoyment of drugs and alcohol are cheap and hollow. They bring with them regret, sickness, and destruction. So again, without needing science to help us understand this … Do you really think this is how fun is supposed to be?

Fun and pleasure is still going to be here when you are free from drugs or alcohol. In fact, it will be how it was meant to be. Really, if this wasn’t the case, no one would be able to endure recovery. Enjoyment is as essential to existence as food and water.

And there is a full community of others who have walked this path before you. They have found that recovery is beautiful. That the life available is better than what you can imagine right now. So yes. It does take a little faith. But it’s a step of faith that could save your life. And offer you one beyond imagination.

This is day one. Are you willing to take the step?

Orange County, California, Drug and Alcohol Detox

If you are finally willing reach out, make sure you take the right first step. Addiction treatment can be a confusing world, and there are plenty of great options for you to choose. But there are also some not-so-great ones. This is why when you choose SoCal Detox, in San Clemente, CA, you get more than just a high-quality, professionally monitored detox. You also get close, individualized guidance on what kind of next-step recovery options are going to be best for you. If you think you might be ready for your “day one,” please call us today: 888-590-0777.