Brett Testimonial SoCal Detox

Testimonial – Brett

Brett has found his dignity and self respect. Here he shares about how SoCal Detox made a difference in his life and helped get him on the path to recovery.

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4-7-8 breathing method

4-7-8 Breathing Exercise for Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety seems to be as much a part of life for a person with a substance use disorder as the drugs or alcohol—whatever they use to medicate themselves. Indeed, it’s often the many anxieties of life a person is looking to avoid or numb when they turn to drugs or alcohol. However, a deep breathing exercise for addiction can offer a healthy alternative way to handle anxiety, and even combat cravings and other health issues. 

What’s Up With Anxiety?

Anxiety is a stress response. It’s quite natural actually. If you happen to be in a jungle and a pack of bloodthirsty baboons

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4 ds for relapse prevention

The Four Ds for Relapse Prevention

Your story is uniquely your own. Everything that brought you to the place where you finally made the decision to find recovery is part of who you are. You have gone through heartache. You have been through massive internal struggle. There is no single story, but the elements are often the same. Destroyed or broken relationships. Physical decay. Financial catastrophe. Loss of employment. Education left in the dust. Loss of interest in all the things you once loved. Life losing its meaning away from the only thing you cared about anymore: drugs or alcohol. Or worse, you have been on death’s

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yoga for addiction recovery

Yoga for Addiction Recovery At SoCal Detox

SoCal Detox is unique in its mission and ability to offer more treatment programs than the typical detox facility. In addition to our premium medical detox and highly supervised around-the-clock care, we have such clinical treatments as psycho-educational groups, mindfulness/guided meditation, anxiety management, 12 Step education, gratitude, goal setting, and so much more. However, above and beyond those options we employ other holistic programs to help residents fully engage with the recovery process. These include music therapies (Rock to Recovery), equine therapy, and Yoga for addiction recovery, among others. One of the reasons we offer so much at a detox

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Addiction Alert: What Are Bath Salts?

What Are Bath Salts?

We have to start this whole thing off with the khat plant. It’s a small shrub that grows in eastern Africa and southern Arabia near the Red Sea. In the mostly agrarian setting, it’s common, even popular for folks to chew the leaves—a social custom going back thousands of years. The experience induced from this is a sense of euphoria and stimulation. The new drug commonly called “bath salts” is created to mimic (and enhance) the effects of the khat plant. So no. When someone struggling with substance abuse mentions bath salt, they are not referring to the designer Epsom salts

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