PAWS A Major Reason for Relapse

PAWS: A Major Reason for Relapse

  So you detoxed. You did your residential treatment. You’ve been in IOP and are still meeting with a support group—even feeling pretty good and … wham! Something hits you. A couple of months into your recovery process is a tough time to experience a new set of withdrawals, but no one said recovery was fair. So you might as well be prepared for it.

What Is PAWS?

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (also known as PAWS) is a recalibration. Although the acute withdrawal symptoms are over within the first or second week of going clean, the nervous system of an addict has been altered

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intervention talking to a loved one

Intervention: How to Talk to a Loved One With an Addiction

  To read more on how to help a loved one with an addiction, find it here. If you are considering having an intervention for a loved one with an addiction, it is important to remember that recovery does not come from a single force of willpower. A decision must be made, for sure. But a decision alone will almost certainly fall short when it comes face-to-face with the disease of addiction. True and lasting recovery comes from a solid program designed, implemented, and managed by licensed professionals. So your goal is not to convince someone to stop.

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loved one addiction

How to Help a Loved One With an Addiction

For every person with an addiction filled with life-threatening behaviors and dangerous lifestyle decisions, there is a heartbroken loved one watching it happen. Family and friends feel powerless in the face of this seemingly all-powerful force in the life of their son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister. Maybe you’ve stood in the doorway pleading with tears streaming from your eyes. Maybe you’ve silently watched as the pills disappeared. Maybe you’ve stayed up nights terrified for the life of your loved one as the clock kept its slow and steady pace. Whatever your experience, you likely know this

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ethical standards treatment

SoCal Detox Calls for High Ethical Standards

On Tuesday, June 13, 2107, Sovereign Health in San Clemente was raided by 40 federal agents. This alarming event has occurred during a period of time when the Southern California recovery industry (addiction treatment centers, detoxification centers, and other chemical dependency programs) has been under much scrutiny and media investigation for ethical standards. Unfortunately, for good reason. Here at SoCal Detox, when we hear of unethical activities that have occurred in other treatment centers, we are deeply saddened by the news. Everything from insurance fraud to what has been called “body brokering,” a situation where an addict is

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rock to addiction recovery

Every Junkie’s Like a Settin’ Sun

“Where words leave off, music begins.” ― Heinrich Heine

Words can only go so far. Symbols of the heart’s deeper language, words will stop short of actually conveying full reality. They are the mirror, or the possibility, not the essence. This is important in understanding arts-assisted recovery from chemical dependency. When Neil Young wrote that every junkie is like a setting sun, the connection between music and his life’s experience took a profound movement from mere words to deeper heart truth. In two seconds we get the sense that Young has been in close connection with addiction. And he’s been burned.

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